Rules to apply, clubs punished … as PSL speaks on referee assault

30 May, 2023 - 12:05 0 Views
Rules to apply, clubs punished … as PSL speaks on referee assault Referee Jimmy Makwanda receiving medical treatment after being hit by a missile after the Caps United match on Sunday at the National Sports Stadium in Harare.

The Sunday News

Nkosilathi Sibanda, Sports Reporter

THE Premier Soccer League (PSL) has said it will exert punitive measures on certain clubs whose fans have since developed a tendency of assaulting match officials.

It has of late been the norm that referees are at the mercy of angry crowds who seem not to be in agreement with every decision made during game time.

So grave has been the situation, in what has left as many referees seemingly afraid to conduct duty.

To that effect, the PSL has put a bold statement to denounce the delinquent behaviour by fans.

“The Premier Soccer League strongly condemns any form of abuse, harassment or assault on match officials,” said PSL communications and media liason officer Kudzai Bare this morning.

“The referees are there to apply the Laws of the Game and their decisions must be respected by the clubs and all stakeholders. We advise clubs to lodge official complaints if they are not happy with the match officials’ decisions.

The Premier Soccer League is determined to ensure that such behaviour is stamped out of the game and will be taking the necessary disciplinary action as provided in the PSL Rules and Regulations.”

For a record second time inside three weeks, referees were attacked by fans at the National Sports Stadium. Blamed for having made “wrong” decisions, they suffered injuries and a barrage of insults.

The latest incident pitted Caps United fans who attacked centre man Jimmy Makwanda at the National Sports Stadium on Sunday. Earlier in the month, assistant referee Edgar Rumeki went home with a bandage on the arm as rowdy Dynamos fans pelted him with all sorts of objects at bay.


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