Secure that valuable BAG

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Secure that valuable BAG

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Rutendo Chidawanyika

IT’S taken women a while to catch on; a handbag comes as part of any outfit. One handbag does not equal to all outfits. And did you know there are different handbags which suit a body type? Handbags are a need, it’s not just for cuteness but it has to be functional as well. 

Whether you are going to an event, formal, dressy, office, informal or casual, you need a different bag to go with the occasion. As a rule of thumb, small bags add a more sophisticated look while large bags give a more laid back feel. This is why we usually wear large bags with casuals and clutches when we wear formal clothes. If you decide to wear a casual bag with formal outfits or a stiff bag with casuals, you will definitely get a fine from the fashion police!

When shopping get an oversized duffel or hobo bag that goes beautifully with sneakers, shorts and t-shirts. If you decide to rock a summer dress and sandals; a sling bag will look adorable with your look. Wear it over your shoulder and you are good to go. Skinny jeans and blazers will always work great with a tote bag or even hobo will help give the elegance you are seeking for without being too formal.

OFFICE ATTIRE — roomy tote bags are perfect if you wear a tailored trouser suit. You can get the same business look with a leather satchel or structured boxy bag. In general, office bags need to have large compartments for all your stuff.

POWER DRESSING — briefcase bags or top handle tote bags will help you exude sophistication and will easily give you the lean and mean boardroom presence you want. Under no circumstances, though, should you try slouchy bags, duffels or hobos as they are poor options for the kind of style you want to achieve.

COCKTAIL DRESS/ LONG GOWN — clutches and miniature bags are ideal for formal or dressy events. You can also pair them with your favourite little black dress (LBD). If you are wearing a sheath dress, metallic or sequinned envelope clutches are an excellent option. For the cases when your dress comes with heavy detailing or embellishments, then a plain clutch is a wise choice.


As with clothes your bag can also accentuate your best features and help draw attention away from the parts of your body you don’t particularly like. It’s all about choosing the right length and shape of a bag to complement your outfits and silhouette.

A petite figure — anything with long hanging straps or fringes is a big no-no. So satchels are out of the question.

A pear-shaped body — since this body type is wider on the hips, any hip-length bag will only make your hips look larger. To turn your eyes on your slimmer middle, opt for waist-length bags instead. 

A tall and thin silhouette — rounded oversized bags are your best pick. Stay away from long, slim bags no matter what. And, to add a fab factor, go sleeveless or roll up your sleeves. The bags size will contrast your toned and slim arms beautifully.

A big bust — again, the game is all about proportions and keeping them balanced. Busty ladies should avoid any types of bags that draw attention to their cleavage such as saddle bags.

All bout the curves — long, slim bags are ideal for you, especially if you are short as they will make you appear slimmer and taller. For tall women with curves, low hanging bags are gorgeous options.

Everything has to do with balance, selecting the best bag to match your outfits. Too much matching is not flattering in most instances though. Do try a textured or printed bag when you wear a monochrome garment. The same applies to when wearing colour-blocked outfits. Patterned bags will help catch the eye.

Now you know how to get your outfits and bags right, time to make a statement with your stylistic choices. Secure the bag girl. — Additional information from online sources.

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