Sexual dysfunction linked to economic woes

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Sexual dysfunction linked to economic woes

The Sunday News

Peter Matika, Senior Life Reporter
SUSPECT your partner’s recent work woes may be working their way into your bedroom? You may be right, according to a world study that states that the economy and erections are closely linked.

While we are all concerned about money, the psychological impact on men, on the whole, may be greater than for women.

“Because career is a big part of men’s identities, being jobless or un-employed makes many men experience feelings of inadequacy. The impact on sexuality and sexual performance is self-evident,” said a local pharmacy owner and pharmacist, who said, they realised an increase in the number of men seeking aphrodisiacs and sexual boosters.

Preferring anonymity, the pharmacist said that they had found a business in repackaging traditional herbs meant to boost sexual libido and selling them to those in need of them.

“Even if we expect the economy to turn around, there will be aftershocks. I see stress from new jobs affecting men, especially jobs that aren’t paying as much,” he said.

He said there were four major issues that are monetary-related that can wreck havoc in men’s sexual performance.

“Worry over household finances, or the insane workload that’s piled up after multiple rounds of job losses can send your partner’s stress levels over the roof. Physiologically, stress causes the body to excrete chemicals such as adrenaline into the blood, which constricts arteries. Vessels need to be open in order for blood to flow into the penis for an erection.”

Feeling of being undermined

“While unemployment may not be as dire as it was in the thick of the recent job cuts, many people lost regular bonuses or took lower-paying jobs to get back in the employment game.

Men define themselves by their job, which is linked to money, prowess, financial security — and their penis. When one of them goes, they often feel like less of a man,” he said referring to a study.

Not taking care of oneself
Not only can stress directly affect erections, but managing stress poorly — grabbing greasy comfort foods like fast food, lack of exercise, excessive drinking and smoking can contribute to low sex drive.

At the end of a long, exhausting, and stressful day, sometimes a refreshing night’s sleep is just more appealing than sex.
A man might find sleeping easier than to engage in steamy romantic endevours. This has ultimately created a vicious cycle that can permanently put sex on the back of the roster in relationships.

The pharmacist said they had various aphrodisiacs in stock and even medicines that could assist in boosting libido.
“Some of the medicines we have are just the basic and usual herbal treatments, our best seller right now is umagcobisa — it stimulates sexual desire and also strengthens the back,” he said.

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