Sign language church service held in city

22 Jan, 2023 - 00:01 0 Views
Sign language church service held in city Sign language

The Sunday News

Clementine Phulu, Sunday News Reporter

THE Jehovah’s Witnesses Church yesterday conducted a service exclusively in sign language in Bulawayo  as part of the church’s annual sign language church day which saw over 200 deaf people attending.

Jehovah’s Witnesses regional spokesperson Mr Witness Gama said this was their first in-person sign language assembly in Bulawayo after two years of virtual meetings due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

“Social inclusion is a concern to Jehovah’s Witnesses, we have been producing publications, videos, holding meetings, and other events in Zimbabwe using sign language for many years. We are also making efforts to translate the Bible into sign language. So far, we have completed six books of the Bible in sign language which are Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Romans and Galatians, which were released in January 2021, and can be accessed on our website. This was a milestone for the deaf community in Zimbabwe,” he said.

The service was 100 percent sign language where everything was signed starting from the songs, Bible verses and the main service by the preachers. Mr Mbekezeli Mpofu who is deaf said the service was memorable.

“While we have prospered in many ways as individuals and congregations using technology to bring us together, nothing can adequately replace being together in person. We have longed for this moment for the better part of two years,” he said.

Since the services for the deaf have been set in motion, Jehovah’s Witnesses plan to continue supporting deaf people as they are planning to host a three-day convention in Bulawayo Amphitheatre in July and the convention is going to be done in sign language and all deaf people are encouraged to attend.

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