Sikhonjwa joins Star FM

26 Nov, 2023 - 00:11 0 Views
Sikhonjwa  joins Star FM Babongile Sikhonjwa

The Sunday News

Rutendo Nyeve, Sunday Life Reporter

THE ever-bubbly and charismatic Babongile Sikhonjwa, known for his infectious energy on TV and radio, is making a splash as he joins the Zimpapers Radio Broadcasting Division. And that’s not all — he is set to take over the airwaves at the leading commercial urban radio station, Star FM.

Sikhonjwa will be dazzling his listeners with his talent as he takes at the helm of the After-drive show on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. This popular show was previously hosted by the Owen Madondo known on the airwaves as Dj Ollah 7 who resigned from the station on 13 November.

With Sikhonjwa, Star FM listeners will get an opportunity to be entertained by a fresh voice which will bring them the ultimate post-work entertainment.

Previously with the Fair Talk communications’ Skyz Metro FM and Keyona TV, where he resigned at the beginning of the year, Sikhonjwa had since joined the Harare-based NRTV, before crossing the crossing the floor to join Star FM.

In an exclusive interview with Sunday Life, Zimpapers Radio Division General Manager, Comfort Mbofana spoke about the exciting addition to the Star FM family, revealing that following some lengthy discussions and negotiations, it was clear that Sikhonjwa was the perfect fit to keep listeners entertained during those midweek evenings.

“I can confirm that Babongile Sikhonjwa will be joining Star FM and that will be revealed tomorrow (yesterday) during the Bulawayo Arts Awards. We have been in talks with him for a long time. At the time, we really wanted to cater for our Bulawayo market by bringing him on board and the idea was further cemented by us getting transmission in Gwanda.

“We saw it fit that now that we have frequency there as well, we bring him on board. He will be presenting the after drive show on Tuesdays and Wednesdays which runs from 6.30pm to 9pm,” said Mbofana.

He said Sikhonjwa is a very entertaining, sharp and distinguished media personality and businessman who fits in well with the thrust of the radio station.

In an interview with Sunday Life, Sikhonjwa said the development was not a challenge at all but a new experience as radio is the same, with roles being the only differentiating factor.

He said listeners should brace for a new style different from what they have been consuming.

“I am going on the After Drive and yes I cannot deny that my predecessor (Dj Ollah 7) ended on a popular note. I will get there and do my thing, we might be both good but we have our different styles and it is time for my style now and I cannot wait.

“I am sure there are people who liked what was done before me, and I am sure equally they will grow in liking what I will do as well. People should expect something different, definitely wild, crazy and absolutely entertaining and very different from anything that they have heard from radio before,” said Sikhonjwa.

He said the development will actually lessen his stay in Harare because he was doing the daily dose on NRTV and now he will only be working two times a week as the shift is only Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.

“I have always been in Bulawayo for the weekends, now I am only spending two days which is a cool assignment. I am taking Bulawayo style to the world, its music, arts and language. Maybe people from Harare will now understand Bulawayo people better when they are hearing one of them on the airwaves.

“I am elated by Star FM, their treatment, the way they are taking me importantly and the excitement they have put towards the build-up of them announcing me. I was taken around the station by my new boss Steve Vickers, person by person, being introduced and the workmates have accepted me. Actually KVG showed me the desk and how it works and everyone else I cannot mention them one by one. This is a huge milestone for me especially the way they are treating me. Getting a big welcome and announcement and being put on the paper,” said Sikhonjwa.

Sikhonjwa is well known not only in Bulawayo but also in Zimbabwe’s showbiz scene in general for his comedy, emceeing, radio presentation and entertaining. He has been a permanent feature in the entertainment circles of Bulawayo.

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