Social media key in advocacy for women’s rights

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Social media key in advocacy for women’s rights Amanda Ngcono Nkomo

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Valencia Ndhlovu, Sunday News Reporter
SOCIAL media has evolved so much and has been a platform used by many in advocating for different agendas, while women’s rights and empowerment agenda is one that has been thriving for years with different hashtags for women trending.

Various organisations have taken advantage of the growth of social media to further the fight for women’s rights, giving the girl child and women a platform to air their views to a global audience.

Passionate about the African girl child and women, 24-year-old multi-award-winning model, media personality and philanthropist, Amanda Ngcono Nkomo said she was inspired by the love for creating a better world and has come up with her own foundation showing resilience and scoring herself some awards.

Kudakwashe Charinya

Mbowane Foundation seeks to help those in developing countries to reach sustainable goals with the vision to be able to work, support and provide the necessary tools needed for people to live a stable life.

“I was inspired by the love for creating a better world for all and making sure all women and girls are empowered. My goal is to be able to share my knowledge and voice to inspire other women and girls,” she said.

Being a media personality and model, Ngcono Nkomo is always in the public eye and is a cornerstone representing women in society, hence she has been leading by example by being able to make use of social media platforms to bring awareness and celebrate women.

In 2022, Ngcono Nkomo and her foundation hosted the #GirlTalk, a live event and empowerment day conducted in Bulawayo.

“Girls were given the opportunity to discuss a variety of critical topics, including gender-based violence, mental health, education and sexual health, among others. This allowed the Ngcono Mbowane Foundation to provide a space where young women and girls could express themselves.”
Ngcono Nkomo advised women to go for their dreams and always follow their hearts as well as to show up as themselves in everything they do. She said they should love and be kind to themselves.

“To me, the International Women’s Day means celebrating all women before this generation and the present one and knowing how much has changed for women in society. I see it as a day of remembering the work that also needs to be done for girls and women for them to feel safe, seen and heard.”

Twenty-year-old Kudakwashe Charinya has made use of WhatsApp to create a platform to empower and uplift women and has an initiative called Active Mindsets.

“It is one of the organisations that is striving for change as it hosts sessions every day such as her Inner Peace Monday, Entrepreneur Tuesday, Therapeutic Thursday, Fine Friday, and Godfidence Sunday. These sessions have proven to be a source of women empowerment and have supported many young women.”

She said Women’s Day was a special day that was set aside to celebrate women who are very phenomenal and strong.

“As a young woman, I see it as a day when I am able to celebrate my mother and my aunt who has played a major role in my life in making me the woman that I am today,” said Miss Charinya.

Social media has played a pivotal role in advocating for women’s rights and all in all celebrating them.

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