Southern African region tops number of Covid-19 cases, deaths

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Southern African region tops number of Covid-19 cases, deaths

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Vusumuzi Dube, Online News Editor

THE Southern African region has the highest number of Covid-19 cases in the continent with South Africa having the largest chunk of new infections.

According to statistics from the African Union, as of Thursday, the African continent recorded a total of 21 197 new cases with the Southern African Region taking up 8 221 of these cases.

Of these new cases, South Africa had 6 269 new infections while Zimbabwe had 125 cases.

North Africa had 6 544 new cases, West Africa; 3 253, East Africa 2 951 while Central Africa had 229 new cases of the pandemic.

In terms of deaths, the continent recorded 518 deaths to the pandemic on Thursday with the Southern African region catering for 296 of the total figure of which South Africa recorded 175 new deaths with Zimbabwe recording four deaths.

North Africa had 136 new deaths, East Africa; 62, West Africa; 23 and Central Africa reported just one death.

The Southern African region had the highest number of recoveries at 10 273, followed by North Africa at 8 118, West Africa had 3 035 recoveries, East Africa; 1 238 while Central Africa had 58 recoveries.

Cumulatively, the African continent has had 7 973 133 Covid-19 cases and 201 340 deaths, with the Southern African region having 3 776 352 cases and 105 018 deaths, North Africa has had 2 421 254 cases and 64 866 deaths while East Africa has had 931 046 cases 19 181 deaths.

West Africa has had 621 104 cases and 9 045 deaths with Central Africa having 223 377 new cases and 3 230 deaths.

South Africa has had the highest number of new cases with 2 843 042 and 84 327 deaths.

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe on Thursday breached the 30 percent of people that have so far been vaccinated with the Ministry of Health and Child Care revealing that 2 805 224 people have to date got the first dose of the jab.

Covid-19 update: As at 9 September 2021, Zimbabwe had 126 056 confirmed cases, including 118 059 recoveries and 4 521 deaths. To date, a total of 2 805 224 people have been vaccinated against Covid-19,” reads the update from the Ministry.

Latest statistics compiled from official sources by open data portal Our World in Data show that, the Southern African region also tops in terms of inoculation with Zimbabwe having 30,17 of its population having been vaccinated, South Africa has vaccinated 23,14 percent of its population with Botswana vaccinating 22 percent of its population.

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