Spend your money on the RIGHT resources…acquire appropriate ICT training for your career, business growth

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Spend your money on the RIGHT resources…acquire appropriate ICT training for your career, business growth

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As the year starts, there are new hopes, new dreams, new beginnings and people are seized with planning. One of the most critical areas that individuals should consider at this point in time is the area of personal growth and development.

We are living in a technological era and one of the skills that individuals need to consider is the area of ICT skills development.
ICT training and or studies offered at Trust Academy have numerous advantages to individuals and organisations. At individual level the training can help develop appropriate entrepreneurial skills much as they can help increase your employability and mobility in different sectors of the economy.

The skills acquired can help you establish or run your own business professionally and profitably.

ICDL – International Computer Driving Licence
In current business and social environment, you really feel awkward if not ashamed when you fail to use software on your own nice cell phone.

Just imagine paying someone to have him/her install WhatsApp. You are invited for an interview the prospective employer wants you to have basic ICT skills and you don’t have!

You travel outside the country where telephone rates are exorbitant. You want to communicate back home and are unable to use the internet which is fast, effective and economical means of communication.

These are some of the vast solutions in everyday life solved by understanding basic ICT. ICDL is for everyone regardless of profession, secretary, clerk, till operator, computer tutor, typist, student etc.

Learners gain effective use of computers, skills in report writing, dissertation, preparation, budgeting and statistics data base use. Effective presentation skills, using emails, the list is endless.

ICDL is also ideal for the Primary school learners especially the Grade 7 graduates!

Certificate in PC engineering, System Administration and Networking
Computer maintenance and ICT gadgets repairs, is a thriving business in the City of Bulawayo. Stand out as the best computer repair go-to-guy through our certificate in PC engineering, system administration and Networking.

With this course you will gain key skills in fixing and repairing computers, PC and laptop maintenance, software installations and support, hardware support, network configuration, network maintenance and support among others.

Certificate in Software Engineering
This course equips learners with software development skills and developing of applications for both mobile and computer use for small business, NGOs to large conglomerates

Certificate in Graphic Design
There are vast skills and competencies one gains from taking this four-month course. As a graphic designer you will be able to design, billboards, flyers, business cards, magazines to newspapers and online adverts for Facebook and websites.

ArchiCAD, AutoCAD 2D and 3D
By the end of this course learners would be competent in creating architectural drawings using the computer as well as drawing engineering plans and design using a computer for mining engineering.

Other medium- term courses offered at Trust Academy ICT school include: Oracle, Linux Administration, pastel accounting.

The information communication technology industry is an incredibly fun, vibrant and dynamic sector with enormous growth potential that is an ideal place for young people. This industry also has various employment opportunities and does not mean one has to sit in front of a computer the whole day in a dingy office.

The British Computer Society (BCS) Chartered Institute of IT
These qualifications are built on a track record of British academic excellence; they are affordable, flexible and internationally recognised.

Thousands of people from across the world have benefited from BCS qualifications and many are now IT leaders who continue to inform, influence and professionalise the industry.

Certificate in IT
Our Certificate in IT delivers solid learning across core subjects, comprising three mandatory modules which provide essential education for any budding IT professional.

It is recognised as a Level Four qualification and is the academic equivalent to year one of a university honours degree.

Diploma in IT
The Diploma in IT comprises a core module and three modules that you select from diverse subjects such as database systems and software engineering. If you are not going on to study the Professional Graduate Diploma in IT, you will also need to complete a professional IT project as part of your Diploma in IT.

The Diploma in IT is the academic equivalent to year two of a university honours degree, recognised as a Level Five qualification.

To study the Diploma in IT, you will need to have achieved, or been made exempt from, the Certificate in IT level.

Professional Graduate Diploma in IT (PGD)
The PGD comprises four modules, all of which you select to suit your chosen career path. You will also need to complete a professional IT project.

The PGD is the academic equivalent to a university honours degree and is recognised as a Level Six qualification.

This article is prepared and presented in the interest of providing free career guidance and counselling to all people who value education and training as a critical cornerstone to success in life.

Trust Academy invites all people, with or without O levels as well as degree holders who have a dilemma or are unsure of what career path to pursue to visit their offices at Number 52 Fort street between 3rd and 4th Avenue, Bulawayo for FREE career guidance.

Alternatively, write to: [email protected] or WhatsApp 0712 212 179

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