Stunner joins new stable

03 Dec, 2017 - 02:12 0 Views
Stunner joins new stable

The Sunday News


Kudzai Mpangi, Sunday Life Reporter
HARARE’s hip-hop super star, Stunner real name Desmond Chideme has signed under a new UK-based record label which will see him taking a step further in his music career.

Koko Records is a brainchild of African renowned songwriter and entrepreneur, Isabella Mashavira.

“The Koko Records brings international exposure and with a goal to influence lifestyle and global sound, our fans can be assured that there will never be any dip in our quality anymore,” Stunner said.

Stunner said his record label Tazoita Cash records will still function as it has always been and his exposure with the Koko Records will also benefit the signed artistes under his stable.

“Koko Records is still discussing way forward with the Tazoita cash artistes and they will soon be launching in style the faces of Koko Records which is a good exposure for the artistes as well. We are soon to be launching Koko Records. We are still working on our hot single as soon as we release it we will be announcing the dates for the launch as well as the venue of the launch, but I urge people to keep expecting something nice and on point.

“I’m quite impressed with the way our artistes have adjusted to the changes that are taking place. The artistes are looking forward to the international exposure that they are going to receive from this particular stable,” he said.

Stunner described the record label as one of the best international stables.

“Just like me Koko Records offers the same goals and vision that I have as it seeks to support and develop the future generation. It also caters for all genres, as time goes on you will be seeing the upcoming projects that are in store for music lovers,” Stunner said.

He also highlighted his ongoing project with the recording label. “We have already started working on my international collaborations which I can’t mention now so I say it’s a big step in the right direction for me and the rest of the Tazoita cash members,” he said.

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