The dry Harvest House poised for a harvest of thorns!

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The dry Harvest House poised for a harvest of thorns! Adv Nelson Chamisa

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Adv Nelson Chamisa

Adv Nelson Chamisa

Meluleki Moyo

STILL waiting for some ideological rain, foolhardily racing against time while riddled and ravaged by fierce fights pitting Dr Thokozani Khuphe still fresh from almost meeting her maker in burnt offering format, and a restless, Nelson Chamisa, with violence and all ugly accusations having been his latest acquaintances, the Harvest House-housed MDC-T, and probably yet to be fraudulently renamed to MDC-C movement, should expect nothing bumper, but a harvest of thorns in the 2018 harmonised elections.

Having sown nothing except divisions within itself, and with no mitigation measures in sight added to being left exposed following the sad departure of the once influential Morgan Tsvangirai who arguably died with his 2005 spoil when the MDC initially split, there are no chances of rejoicing as no electoral sheaves are likely to find their way into the violence ravaged structure situated at Number 44 Nelson Mandela Avenue in the capital.

The MDC-T lot first needs to repair that dilapidated white elephant, reflexive of the dwindling party’s broken state of affairs before seeking the mammoth mandate to repair the country’s economy ravaged by among other factors, the illegal sanctions it called for during the execution of its destructive, cowardly, cruel and draconic scorched earth policy politics.

Washing its dirty linen, living up to its violence tradition and exposing its true colours at a ceremony initially meant to be a celebration marking a befitting send off for the departed Tsvangirai, the power hungry and politically angry opportunists hijacked the 20th February event, as they, like vultures, turned it to some political feast. They jostled and stampeded in a desperate attempt to redeem their fading political beings, even through transformation by death, probably hoping they could inherit the late Tsvangirai’s short-lived political charm, but alas!

As the “mourners” encircled Buhera, unpleasant scenes tainted Tsvangirai’s legacy as drama and violence became the order of the day. One can surely be spared the political Golgotha for aptly describing the MDC-T as a “dog eat dog party”. It’s indeed a scary survival of the fittest at the once powerful opposition movement.

Already misleading and hoodwinking the electorate into believing that his age will put food on their tables, Chamisa, an ordained man of God is already expecting miracles and shamelessly playing false prophet:

Trump will give me US$15 Billion . . . in 14 days I will solve Zimbabwe’s cash crisis and make all Zimbabweans millionaires within 14 days and . . . I will build bullet trains in the air and it will take 30 minutes to fly in them.

These are some of the reasons and a tip of the iceberg why the MDC lot needs nothing short of a Bartimaeus moment, having endured the brunt of political dizziness owing to failure to take heed of advice. They just need to dump the beleaguered and fiercely divided movement with empty promises having been part of its DNA.

Lest we forget, it won’t be the first time that the two meet in a hot political contest. When the MDC-T was walloped left, right and centre by the ruling Zanu-PF party in the 2013 elections, President Mnangagwa, with his vast political experience and maturity, was the election chief strategist. On the losing end was the MDC-T, and the election chief was none other than Adv Nelson Chamisa, with all his young blood and purported vibrancy.

Still faced with a burden of clearing his conscience, democratically defeating his own colleague, now a fierce rival and claimant to the throne, Dr Khuphe, Adv Chamisa has a lot to prove, right from the grassroots before he can think of ascending to the throne and constitutionally calling the shots at MDC-T.

It would be ill-thought to as well expect a replay of the David and Goliath moment as Adv Chamisa has no ideologies-filled sling, save for a basket mouth of loud-sounding-nothing, cheap political rhetoric. How could he politically thrive when faced with a mature opponent President Mnangagwa, who has of late gone synonymous with walking the talk?

Just on the mark of his first hundred days in office, President Mnangagwa has ensured a major decrease in budget deficit due to cuts in Government waste and unnecessary expenditure, opened up the economy to investment through scaling back the Indigenisation Act and cut Excise Duty on fuel by 6,5c per litre and capped price.

Not forgetting the very visible great strides in the health sector, with the First Lady complementing and corroborating his efforts, as well up on her feet, especially in her spirited fight against cancer.

As if that has not been an apt and enough definition of meaningful progress, the short period has seen a removal of levy on all bank transactions under $10 and facilitated greater use of electronic payment systems to address the cash crisis.

For President Mnangagwa, it’s indeed deeds and not just words, and so far, it’s been so good.

Consequently, investors have warmed up to Zimbabwe’s mining and other sectors as the country, under the pro-business President Mnangagwa’s administration, continues to charm investors in a development that has seen the European Union and the United Nations expressing nothing besides optimism, as Zimbabwe is as well poised to be a middle class society by 2030.

As well aware that economic transformation is a gradual process, and not an event, Zimbabwe and the world is watching.

Sadly, owing to lack of some strategies fertiliser, coupled with an extended wait for ideological rains, besides reaping some piercing and prickling thorns, there are no hopes for a good harvest at Harvest House in the 2018 harmonised elections. It seems the troubled MDC-T is yet to be politically prickled even more.

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