The Youth Zone with Zero Suppliers: Shape up future leaders

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The Youth Zone with Zero Suppliers: Shape up future leaders Leadership

The Sunday News

Joseph Jele

THE worst revelation we had heard so far amongst our peers is that some have resorted to a blend of alcohol and drugs.

Drug abuse has ceased to be a myth.

It is real and we must not stop talking about it.

It has become a daily bread for the youth.

From taking in cannabis, cocaine, tobacco and embracing glue, cough mixtures and heroine, the story of how young people seek to be high is appalling.

The list is endless.

These drugs are used in excess to ultimately attain a “high” and it is a shocking fact that they have taken the “ghetto” market by storm for their effectiveness.

It is shocking!

The ingredients to cook up dangerous syrup are easily available.

Spirits and alcohol are at arm’s reach.


The abusers just pay less for what is going to damage their lives.

In their confession, some youths in Cowdray Park, Bulawayo are so free to let the world know that there is a new high in town.

See them holding their water bottle and do not think they are drinking pure water.

It would be the new high.

They share the gulps and in no time they are in “merry land”.

The “new high” gets us worried as young people.

Seeing our peers destroying their future pains us.

More will soon be hooked.

Communities will be doomed.

It is every nation’s wish to groom responsible children hence the popular belief that the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow.

But then, is this possible with the youth of today subjected to substance abuse?

Can the future really be shaped by an out of shape generation?

Why then do the youth embrace it?


No one likes to be left out, they all want to fit into the new “cool” as they would call it.

All this is a result of insecurities and low self-esteem among the peers.

Moreover, teenagers are prone to trying risky and daring activities, hence resort to taking drugs as they are often easily accessible to experimentation.

Substance abuse ultimately impacts negatively on one’s mental, physical and emotional well-being.

So, prior to succumbing to it, one should ask themselves: “Do I want to shape up or lose shape?”

There is no drug on earth that can make life meaningful.

So why not a take a bold stand right now and declare NO to substance abuse!!!

VMhlophe High School

Joseph Jele is an ancillary staffer at VMhlophe High School in Cowdray Park.

He is also an anti-drug activist

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