Ti Gonzi to launch Sendiri Two

04 May, 2021 - 15:05 0 Views
Ti Gonzi to launch Sendiri Two Ti Gonzi

The Sunday News

Nonsikelelo Ndlovu, Sunday News Reporter  

AWARD-winning rapper Tinashe Gonzara, popularly known as Ti Gonzi is set to release an Extended Play Record (EP) titled Sendiri Two, and it will be available on all major online stores.

The EP is a joint collaboration with fintech startup Senditoo, T Gonzi and online music distribution outfit Zvigaba.com. Senditoo funded the production costs whilst Zvigaba.com will handle the distribution.

T Gonzi won the National Arts Merit Award Outstanding Male Artist Award in 2020 ahead of Winky D and Mambo Dhuterere. Sendiri Two is a 10 track journey into the life, emotions and experiences of T Gonzi. Produced by Gray Beats aka Jiggyman, it features the likes of Stunner and R Peels. The title reveals his deep connection with his mother and grand father.

“On that day l really believed more power of God in terms of how he saves lives and I told myself that from here onwards the things I need to do is know that the first rule to wisdom is fearing God and that means praying to Him even more and believing that He can save us from any situation.

“Ti Gonzi will remain the same as a brand, so I do not think there is anything that will reduce my lyrical creativity in terms of messaging as it will remain the same in terms of similes, metaphors, wordplay, humor and wit,’’ he said.

The album will be launched on 15 May.

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