Travel booking application invented

13 May, 2018 - 00:05 0 Views

The Sunday News

Wilson Dakwa, Business Reporter
A group of innovators has created a travel application meant to ease the booking of accommodation and high wire activities in Victoria Falls.

Coeus co-founder Zibusiso Masuku said the application enables tourists to book accommodation and activities based on their budget and duration of the trip.

“During holidays, most people move around trying to book rooms, activities and so on. This is time consuming. After noticing this, we decided to come up with Coeus so as to enable people to do bookings before coming to Victoria Falls. Local and international tourists can make reservations using the application.

“Coeus has an in-built map which shows hotels and activities on offer. One is able to make reservations after paying 50 percent and then pay the rest upon arrival. It also has a virtual assistant feature which helps you book activities based on your budget. You punch in your budget, preferred activities and duration of trip then the entire trip will be booked for you,” said Zibusiso, a Lower Sixth Form pupil at Christian Brothers College (CBC) in Bulawayo.

He said tourists are also able to compare prices of activities and accommodation through the application. For people to be able to book hotels and high wire operators through the application, the entities have to sign up with Coeus. Zibusiso said Coeus will be officially launched in August and most companies have shown interest in the technology.

“We are hoping to make the application a nationwide and international product. Most companies which we have approached thus far like the concept but said they want to see a working product,” he said.

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