Treat janitors with respect

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Treat janitors with respect Youth Focus with Dr Manners Msongelwa

JANITORS should be treated with dignity, respect and fairness regardless of the type of work they do. It is important to remember that all work is equal and deserving of respect.

Every worker, regardless of their job, plays an important role in society and should be treated with dignity and respect.

Janitors are often unseen people in schools. They play a very important role at school. They are the ones who clean our toilets, provide enough water to use in these toilets. Most of the toilets no longer have a flushing system, but janitors always make sure that there’s adequate water for the toilets. As students, we need to treat them with respect.

Acknowledge the janitor when he/she is around. This could be a wave, a smile, a greeting “hello” and “how are you today?”

Shake his/her hand and express some gratitude for their hard work.The school administration should make sure the janitors receive gifts and acknowledgment on prize-giving days. This goes a long way in showing how much you value them.

When a janitor is employed for many years, it seems appropriate for the school to provide added incentives.Remember the janitors are our parents so let’s treat them with respect. Respect the great job that they do at school.

Students should use the toilets responsibly. As you use the toilet, don’t forget to flush. This is an obvious one, but it can be easy to forget to flush if you are in a hurry. Check the chamber before you leave the toilet.

Clean the chamber with a toilet brush. One of the general rules in the toilet is to leave it smart. This is important because the next person will also use a clean toilet.

Always use tissue paper or flushable paper. Janitors’ work will also become easy as the toilets will always be clean.Don’t spit on walls. It is childish to write names or make designs on toilet walls.


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n Dr Manners Msongelwa is an author, teacher and youth coach. He can be contacted on +263 771 019 392


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