TRG (USA) lands investment eye in Zimbabwe

11 Oct, 2015 - 01:10 0 Views

The Sunday News

Noble Ncube, Business Reporter
UNITED States of America based international engineering company The Rosenthall Group Incorporation (TRG) has tabled plans to provide funding and technical assistance for economic development programmes in agriculture and mining sectors in Zimbabwe, an official has said.

TRG works with Governments, NGOs and large private companies providing funding and technical assistance for humanitarian, agriculture/agribusiness, mining technology, housing programmes, hospitals and economic development programmes in African countries.

In a statement, TRG (USA) chief executive officer Mr Robert Rosenthall said his organisation was happy to be working in Africa.

He said TRG’s development programmes were designed to create wealth and leadership.

“We are very grateful that the Vice-President (Emmerson Mnangagwa) has been very supportive of many TRG’s development programmes leading to self-sufficiency for Zimbabwe in spite of the unfair sanctions. Agriculture/Agribusiness is extremely important in Zimbabwe because over 60 percent of the population’s livelihood is depending on agriculture while less than 10 percent of the land is dedicated to agricultural development. TRG also has attorney Mike Espy, former Secretary of Agriculture in the USA under President Bill Clinton, who will come to provide assistance in agriculture/ agribusiness development programmes in Zimbabwe,” he said.

Mr Rosenthall said Zimbabwe was a very rich country. He said Zimbabwe has more wealth than Dubai or the United Kingdom and needed electric power systems, intelligent industrialisation, technical education with marketable application and comprehensive stigmatic management planning and management of natural resources that will benefit the people.

“TRG has a working relationship with CitiC Construction, the latest construction company in China, to provide development in African countries.

Currently we are studying Mashonaland West Province with the Honourable Minister (Provincial Minister) Faber Chidarikire for massive mining and development. Zimbabwe is a very rich country.

“The first step is to develop electric power systems to pave the way to manufacture and adding value to agri-products and comphansitive stegratic management of natural resources to benefit the people. You can only eliminate poverty by creating wealth for the people,” he said.

Mines and Mining Development Minister Walter Chidhakwa, however, said he was still to be appraised on the intended projects the American company intend to undertake in the country.

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