Victory is certain — Dr Mpofu

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Victory is certain — Dr Mpofu Zanu-PF Secretary for Administration Cde Obert Mpofu stresses a point during his address to Zanu-PF supporters at the victory celebrations for Bubi constituency Member of Parliament Cde Simelisizwe Sibanda (left) and the party in Bubi yesterday

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Robin Muchetu ,Senior Reporter

ZANU-PF Secretary-General Dr Obert Mpofu has called on party supporters to rally behind party candidates in the upcoming by-elections which were inspired by recalls in the opposition Citizen Coalition for Change (CCC).

The by-elections will be held on 9 December. He said there was disorganisation in the opposition party, adding that supporters should be buoyed by the enthusiasm to develop the country, shown by Zanu-PF candidates who have hit the ground running. Speaking during victory celebrations for Bubi Constituency in Matabeleland North province, Dr Mpofu said the party was well prepared for the elections that were two weeks away.

“We are on the ground, I am going to Lupane tomorrow (today) and we have a team in Binga that is working flat-out following the assurance by the Chiefs that the party should come up with their preferred candidate which we did. I can assure you that we are winning those seats, especially Lupane East, I have been there, usually we do not work to fail, we work to succeed. I am confident that we are getting those seats,” said Dr Mpofu.

Binga North nominated Cde Chineka Muchimba is the preferred party candidate who got the support of the chiefs and was endorsed by the President while Cde Phathisiwe Machangu will represent the party in Lupane East. Turning to the victory celebrations, Dr Mpofu said the party and the constituency were elated over the victory of the August 2023 elections.

“We are celebrating the victory of the party, the President, and the Member of Parliament for Bubi Cde Simelisizwe Sibanda. You can see the enthusiasm, people in Bubi always do the right thing when it comes to choosing members of the party. I used to be an MP for this place some time back. They have remained consistent in what they want. I am so happy that the turnout has been so amazing,” he said.
Cde Sibanda said he was happy that he won the seat with the help of the party leadership and members who voted for him.

“I would like to thank our voters, who voted for Zanu-PF which saw me winning resoundingly in the elections. The local authority has 30 councillors and Zanu-PF has 27 there, that is impressive, you voted well. As Bubi, we had the largest margin of people that voted for the President in the elections in the three Matabeleland provinces. It is impressive,” he said.

Cde Sibanda encouraged all those who participated in the elections to live up to their promises of developing the constituency. He said they needed to also work well with the communities and bring about sound development, adding that all those that stray from their promises must be reminded to fulfil them.

Dr Mpofu said the party was committed to bringing more development in the district.

“We now have to look at the challenges that the area faces and work together to bring about people’s aspirations. There are a lot of challenges, the roads are still bad, the water situation needs a lot of attention, the hospitals, clinics, and schools,” he said.

He, however, lamented the power situation in Matabeleland North Province.

“Matabeleland North produces electricity in Hwange but most of the schools in the rural areas are not electrified creating a problem with Science subjects in the area. Not many schools provide Science subjects because of lack of electricity. All those issues are in the plans of the Government,” he said.

Dr Mpofu highlighted that President Mnangagwa was concerned about the province.

“The President is very worried, particularly about Matabeleland North Province when it comes to development. We have done the Lake Gwayi-Shangani, we are now doing the Bulawayo-Victoria Falls Road and the water situation is also being attended to, we have quite a number of things the President is dealing with,” added Dr Mpofu.

He urged the leadership to work together and ensure they complement Government efforts on development.  — @NyembeziMu

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