Vimbai says her explicit video not for family viewing

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Vimbai says her explicit video not for family viewing

The Sunday News

Vimbai Zimuto 4

Bhekumuzi Ncube, Sunday Life Reporter
ZIMBABWEAN singer Vimba Vee Kay Zimuto, who is based in the Netherlands, recently pulled all the stops when she dropped explicit and steamy-sexual visuals of her track, Hapana Kwaunoenda.

In the video, Vee calls her husband to meet in their rendezvous where they have a blissful and romantic time. Wearing red, sexy lingerie, Vee drives her man wild. However, it is the last scene of the video that has left people a mixed bag of reactions.

The final scenes show a naked Vee. Holding each other tight while in some of the scenes, the lover is the one covering Vee’s breasts with his hands in the bathroom. Another moment which got people talking is when Vee makes moaning sounds of pleasure.

Scores of people have described the video as “mini-porn” while others jokingly said they were waiting for the complete sex-tape of Vee and her hubby. However, there were some fans who defended Vee as a woman expressing her sexuality.

Sunday Life contacted the songbird and asked her about the video which had drawn so much following in the country. Sunday Life asked about Vimbai’s response to people who described the video as a “mini-porn”. Vee said the video is by far different from porn as it depicted what is really happening in society.

“Well, whoever said the video is mini-porn is lying because I have never heard about something called mini-porn. However, to those who think the video is a porn video are also wrong. Porn is when two people who are not friends, who probably don’t know each other engage in sexual intercourse which is not happening in the video. The video shows people who love each other getting intimate which is very much different from porn. The video has got nothing to do with porn.

“The song encourages women to stand up and save their marriages in the bedroom. They should prevent their husbands from going out to have sex with prostitutes who usually give their best to impress their clients. Women have the responsibility of keeping their men. They should stop chasing after their husbands’ girlfriends but they should instead chase after their husbands.

“Our society is very ignorant. We pretend not to like sex yet we have a high rate of people with HIV and Aids. This shows that people like sex and fun but they are afraid of showing it. It’s high time we accept what’s happening in society as this will lead us to freely express ourselves,” she said.

The Khona Manje hit-maker said she had received extraordinary support from women and was thankful to fans that keep supporting her.

“I have received massive support from women who have watched the video. They say I was extremely looking hot that I have inspired them to go hit the gym. This means that women actually understand the message of the video. However, the support has not been the same with male support. I have got mixed reactions from them.

“To those who say they can’t view the video with their father or mother the answer is that the song is not for family viewing. This is the reason I didn’t submit the song to ZBC. It’s a private video with an important message of encouraging women and men to freely expressing themselves,” she added.


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