VP Mohadi worried about Botswana returnees

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VP Mohadi worried about Botswana returnees Vice-President Kembo Mohadi who is also the chairperson of the Ad-Hoc Inter-Ministerial Committee on Covid-19 tours an isolation centre at Plumtree District Hospital yesterday. Accompanying him is Mangwe District Medical Officer Dr Nyasha Hunda (left) and Minister of Environment, Climate, Tourism and Hospitality Industry Hon Mangaliso Ndlovu.

Robin Muchetu in Plumtree
VICE-PRESIDENT Kembo Mohadi has said the deportation of Zimbabweans from Botswana was not being done procedurally as the neighbouring country was not giving the Government a notice when carrying out the exercise, presenting challenges on quarantining the deportees.

VP Mohadi, who is the National Chairman of the Ministerial Taskforce on Covid-19, was speaking on the sidelines of a tour of isolation and quarantine centres in Plumtree Town yesterday at Plumtree High School and Allen Redfern primary school.

The VP who was accompanied by the Minister of Environment, Climate, Tourism and Hospitality Industry, Cde Mangaliso Ndlovu and Member of Parliament for Bulilima West and Deputy Minister of Information, Communication Technologies, Postal and Courier Services

Cde Dingumuzi Phuthi among others said it was unfortunate that the process was not being carried out in a systematic manner.

“I am not hearing this for the first time, we even heard that complaint at national level that Botswana is not advising us in advance on how many people they will be bringing,” said VP Mohadi.

VP Mohadi said he has concluded the tour of all provinces to assess the country’s preparedness to Covid-19. Turning to the state of facilities in Matabeleland South, VP Mohadi said the places were habitable.

“You recall that this is the first place that takes people we receive from Botswana and we had some challenges there, we didn’t even have the beds to provide those people. But as of now we have mattresses and blankets and people are being well fed, there is no problem in terms of food. Water reticulation is in place and the sewer system is in place, so I’m very much impressed on the progress that has taken place,” he said.

Mangwe District Social Welfare Officer Mr Sicelo Nyathi said deportees from Botswana were also complaining about how they were treated in Botswana.

“We had a woman who came in her nightdress and it was fortunate that we had received a donation of clothes so we were able to provide clothes to those that didn’t have. We received blankets from the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority and the Ministry (Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare) also bought some, we do not have any challenges now in terms of blankets. Food is enough, people are being fed and we are receiving advice from our nutritionist in terms of our diet. In terms of toiletries, everything has been provided as well as sanitary wear for women and pampers for babies. Social workers are also present in all the facilities to offer psycho-social support to the deportees.”

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