War vets want guaranteed seats

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War vets want guaranteed seats Cde Cephas Ncube

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Cde Cephas Ncube

Cde Cephas Ncube

Peter Matika, Senior Reporter
WAR veterans have demanded that they be allocated two thirds of parliamentary seats in next year’s general elections as a way of safeguarding the country from unpatriotic people who are bent on denigrating the liberation struggle.

They said their demand was backed by the need to correct the ruinous economic policies that were fronted by the rulling party Zanu-PF’s faction of G40.

In a statement after after a meeting held in Bulawayo yesterday, Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association Bulawayo provincial chairman, Cde Cephas Ncube, also paid tribute to the Zimbabwe Defence Forces for their role in weeding out unruly elements from Zanu PF who were surrounding former Head of State Cde Robert Mugabe.

“We would like to thank the ZDF commander and generals, officers, men and women for taking a bold decision to stop what was happening in our revolutionary party by non-revolutionary cabal – (G40) Generation 40. We salute all those involved who saw it wise to expose the G40 cabal, which was causing a lot of confusion amongst true party cadres,” he said.

“ZNLWVA appreciates with an open heart, mind and feel proud to having such bravery shown by the ZDF and a chance to have associated with you.

We urge the ZDF to continue uprooting and monitoring the situation in the party and government until all the counter revolutionaries are wiped out and weeded from the system.

“We therefore call upon the ZNLWVA and the defence forces to continue in their peaceful and progressive union towards state and nation building.

Siyabonga, tinotenda, thank you and let the spirit of heroism and patriotism and comradeship prevail so that we are able to identify the anti-revolutionary people, who infiltrate the country in the future,” read the statement.

Speaking at the meeting earlier, some of the war veterans said they also wanted war veterans to be guaranteed of seats in parliament next year. They added that they were 100 percent behind the leadership of Zanu-PF which is now under the stewardship of First Secretary, Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“In order for this country to develop we need to rally behind each other, promote and develop our ethos. We also want to be part of all nation building processes, where we look at occupying two thirds of the parliament, as well as Zanu-PF’s central Committee. As war heroes, we have been subject to abuse and it is now that we want full representation. Therefore it is imperative that as the liberation party, we realign ourselves with standards and ethos in order to foster for development,” said a war veteran Cde Themba Ngwenya.

He said Zanu-PF must learn from its mistakes especially turning the party into a “family business”.

“The issue of trying to turn Government and political party issues and business into a family affair should stop henceforth; also we will not stand idly and watch uncouth youths run this country down. All rogue elements and behaviour should end now and we want to assure our President that we are fully behind his stewardship and will rally behind him to ensure our country regains its glory. The time is now and we are here to assist in terms of consultation…” – @peterkmatika

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