WATCH: Government to distribute cash for food aid in urban areas

15 May, 2024 - 14:05 0 Views
WATCH: Government to distribute cash for food aid in urban areas Minister July Moyo

The Sunday News

Rutendo Nyeve, Sunday News Reporter

GOVERNMENT is set to commence the distribution of cash to more than 60 percent of urban households who have been identified as being food insecure by the recently concluded 2024 ZimLAC Urban Livelihoods and Nutrition Assessments.

This was revealed by the Minister of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare July Moyo on Wednesday morning in Bulawayo.

Minister Moyo said the 2024 Zimbabwe Livelihoods and Assessment for urban livelihoods and nutrition assessments established that 1,7 million urban households are food secure translating to 65 percent of the urban population while 35 percent are food insecure.

“The proportion of food insecure households translates to 1 732 770 people. With that, we are going to start distributing cash for food to ensure that all urban households that are food insecure get access to food and they get access to livelihoods. So we will be working with the office of the Ministers of State for Provincial Affairs, their secretaries, and all departments of Government.

“We have started distribution of food in the rural areas and we want to start the distribution of cash for food in urban areas. We are not distributing food in the urban areas, but we are distributing cash for food and the selection process has commenced. We are organising so that we start immediately and we assist our people who are vulnerable, who need these livelihoods to sustain themselves,” said Minister Moyo.

He said the amounts that will be given will vary, saying they will soon be announcing the figures.

“In some cases, we will be giving, US$13, in some cases; US$20, we are still working out what is the equivalent. We will be announcing what we will be given, but what we want to do is that the market forces in terms of food in the urban areas through millers and other shops are working properly.

“Last year, once we understood and we knew that there was going to be an El Nino, we allowed the importation of food by the private sector, so even now I know that the private sector has enough wheat which they imported on their own or they contracted through contract farming and they have enough wheat. If they run out the Government’s strategic grain reserve which is owned by the Government through the president has enough food. So we will be giving urbanites cash instead of giving food,” said Minister Moyo.

The 2024 Zimbabwe Livelihoods and Assessment for urban livelihoods and nutrition assessments were conducted to estimate the urban population that is likely to be food insecure in 2024, their geographic distribution and the severity of their food insecurity; to assess the status of nutrition among the urban population to facilitate evidence-based decision-making and programming for better nutrition outcomes; and to determine access to basic services namely, education, health, water, sanitation and hygiene; sources of income, expenditure patterns, food consumption patterns and consumption coping strategies.


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