WATCH: Nurse, mother, musician from Gwanda who became best new comer

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WATCH: Nurse, mother, musician from Gwanda who  became best new comer Sandra Sibanda was this year’s winner of the Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards New comer of the Year Award which was sponsored by Sunday News

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Vusumuzi Dube, Online News Editor

SATURDAY 6 November was an eventful day for one Gwanda based lady. Not only did she walk away with the top gong at ROIL Bulawayo Arts Awards for being the best new comer (all genres), sponsored by Sunday News, but Sandra Sibanda had to rush back, straight after the awards ceremony to the mining town as she was expected to fulfill her other calling.

Outside  the arts she is a registered general nurse at Gwanda Provincial Hospital. Put simply she is a nurse by profession and songstress by desire, passion. The 32-year-old has to juggle the two callings including the third of being a mother to an eight-year-old boy. For her, however, she is willing to not only take up the challenge but to also excel in it.

Sunday Life (SL) set down with Sibanda (SS) to get an insight into her career and what winning the award meant to her. Excerpts of the interview are below.

SL: To begin with congratulations on walking away with the ROIL Bulawayo Arts Award for being the best new comer (all genres). To those who might not know you, kindly tell us a little bit about yourself?

SS: My name is Sandra Sibanda, born 16 August 1989, meaning this year I turned 32. I come from Filabusi eSilalatshani. I attended primary school at Mahombekombe Primary in Kariba and for my secondary education I went to Shingirirai Secondary School where I did my Form One to Three before completing my Ordinary Level at Singwango High in Filabusi. For my Advanced Level I went to Filabusi High School. In 2014 I started my registered general nurse training at Gwanda Hospital which I completed in 2017 then got employed at Gwanda Provincial Hospital where I’m currently working.

SL: So, when did you begin singing and what inspired you to become a recording artist?

SS: My love for music dates back to Sunday school in church where I used to sing, as I come from a Christian family. Pursuing music professionally for me began in 2018 when I auditioned to be in the Harvest House music super choir and in June 2019, I was part of the choir that recorded their second album called ‘At the Alter’ which featured music gurus like Takesure Zamar Ncube and Hlengiwe Ntombela from South Africa.

From this experience I drew so much inspiration and I also got encouraged by my patients and workmates because we usually sing in the morning before work. They really loved my vocals. I then started writing and recording my songs in August 2020 having met Zie the artist – my producer.

SL: You mention your patients, so how is it juggling your nursing career with your singing?

SS: It’s challenging and requires a lot of hard work, commitment, proper time management and patience. I do music in-between chores or when I’m off duty but what makes it easier is the love I have for both.

I love music but there is nothing as magical as putting a smile on a patient’s face and seeing them recover having nursed them. I feel that both are somehow linked and when combined they heal holistically. Nursing heals the physical aspect while music heals the spirit and soul resulting in absolute health.

So, no matter how hard it becomes I try to balance the two. Something interesting which happened at the awards ceremony is that soon after the awards I had to return immediately to Gwanda because I had to go back to work, it was tiring but worth it and besides I was excited.

SL: Do you think one day you may leave nursing and take up singing full time?

SS: That’s a very difficult question, a dilemma rather because as I have mentioned how my love for the two is unconditional. Having to choose between either would be tormenting but who knows what the future holds, so I guess it will all depend.

SL: In terms of your family, how supportive have they been in your musical journey?

SS: My family and friends have always been supportive of my vision. They are the ones who encouraged me to pursue this career and they are still very supportive and proud that I heeded the call. There are times when I just felt like giving up but they urge me on till today.

SL: Turning to your music, tell us what have you recorded so far and what can your fans expect in 2022?

SS: I’ve released four songs Qoki, Amacala (featuring Zie the artist) Umqaliwendaba and Bamba which were all released this year. I was also featured on Khanyisela by Zie the artist. All these songs are part of my first album called Qoki. The rest of the songs are due for release in 2022. I needed to establish a good fan base first before dropping the whole album, so I tested the waters with these four tracks. People can expect the rest of the album in 2022 and perhaps collaborations and live performances.

SL: Tell us about the experience winning the award?

SS: It was a nerve wrecking and exciting experience for me. I remember how my heart pounded just before my name got called. It was unbelievable and beautiful. It was also an exciting and happy moment for my fans, family and friends.

SL: Finally, what is your message to your fans?

SS: I want to say to all those who support and follow my music, you are my driving force, your support propels me forward, it is a source of motivation. Please continue to support, like, follow, comment and subscribe to my social media platforms. I’m grateful and I love you all.

SL: Thank you Sandra and once again congratulations on winning the award

SS: Thank you for interviewing me and also thank you for sponsoring the award which I won.

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