WATCH: Real Betis Academy continues to grow in Bulawayo

26 Mar, 2023 - 00:03 0 Views
WATCH: Real Betis Academy  continues to grow in Bulawayo Johannes Ngodzo

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Ricky Zililo, Senior Sports Reporter

REAL Betis Academy Zimbabwe’s Bulawayo project continues to grow after 36 aspiring footballers registered at Barbourfields Stadium yesterday. 

The first group of players who registered were six girls, 10 Under-17 boys and 20 Under-19 boys. The academy, launched in 2020, has been conducting its training programmes in Harare and has spread to Bulawayo where football legends Johannes Ngodzo, Gif Lunga (junior) as well as Peter “Oxo” Nkomo are taking young footballers through their paces.

Real Betis Academy Zimbabwe have established a centre in Bulawayo as they continue their goals to identify and develop talent on behalf of their Spanish principals. Rejoice Takawira, administrator for the Real Betis Academy Zimbabwe Bulawayo project was impressed  with the turn out. 

“We’ve started doing registrations for children as young as six-years-old up to 19. We’re inviting girls to also come in and play soccer. 

“This is an academy which means that when you’re coming you’ve to do your proper registration. We’re also looking for youngsters and their parents to come and support the programme as we try to take the children to international football.

“The school will be closing shortly, meaning that we have holiday programmes every Saturday, starting at 8am. This means that kids can come and be part of the academy as we grow,” Takawira said.

She added that Real Betis Academy Zimbabwe programmes will not be limited to their headquarters in Harare as well as Bulawayo, saying they plan on spreading to other parts of the country.

“We’re also going to expand to cities like Victoria Falls and we’re looking forward to having the corporate world joining us and be part of the programme as we try to change the lives of the youngsters. Who knows, maybe one of them will play in the Laliga or one of those European teams.

“We’re also looking for schools and colleges who have students that they know are able to play soccer and are willing to be part of this programme,” said Takawira.

The Real Betis Academy Zimbabwe Bulawayo administrator highlighted that besides providing football tutelage, the academy also provides life skills, teach participants on mental health issues, importance of team work, the dangers of drugs and substance abuse.

The academy participants will also be given Spanish lessons.

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