WATCH: Saints may consider selling assets for fresh start

19 Sep, 2023 - 15:09 0 Views
WATCH: Saints may consider selling assets for fresh start The house owned by Zimbabwe Saints in Umganin

Lovemore Dube

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ISHMAEL Kaguru the acting Zimbabwe Saints FC chairman says the club may have to sell some of its properties to have a foundation for the new direction they will embark on in 2024.

Saints were last week kicked out of the Zifa Southern Region Division One League alongside Makhandeni Pirates and Mountain Climbers for failing to pay affiliation fees and fulfil fixtures.

Saints have a sports complex at Queens Park East, a stand and a house in Mganin.

The two properties at Mganin were donated by a member last year and Board of Trustees chairman Vincent Pamire then went out to look for funding for the construction of a house which is near completion.

Initially, club wanted to house its players there while it stays an investment.

Kaguru said they want to start in Division Four and junior league next year.

“The Mganin house is still there. We have got one house and a stand. The stand and that house, we were offered by one of the supporters of Zimbabwe Saints so since we have got that stand we may plan in the near future to sell the stand so that we have got somewhere to start at least,” said Kaguru.


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