WATCH: Skhonjwa launches Bosso VC campaign

19 Jan, 2022 - 15:01 0 Views
WATCH: Skhonjwa launches Bosso VC campaign Babongile Skhonjwa

The Sunday News

Simba Jemwa, Sports Correspondent

BABONGILE Skhonjwa yesterday (Tuesday) officially launched his bid for the Highlanders Football Club vice-chairmanship post, at a colorful event at his Red Café.

Skhonjwa announced his candidature and pledge to scores of Highlanders members and media who graced the occasion.

First to make the case for Skhonjwa was his father, Nicholas who gave the welcoming remark and implored Bosso members to give his son and many other aspiring young executive members a chance to shine at the club.

“While I respect that Highlanders is a football club steeped in tradition and culture, it is also important to give young people the responsibility while they still have the energy to do well. Please give my son Babongile an opportunity to show you what he can do, to show you what he has been doing in Bulawayo for Bulawayo for years now,” implored Skhonjwa senior.

The man of the moment gave a very brief but pointed presentation of what he hopes to achieve once he is voted into office. Key in his pledge to Bosso members was his message of unity and respect.

He also emphasized the need for the club to attract viable sponsorship to ensure the continued growth and development of the club.

“We are Highlanders and as Highlanders we must stand united and show respect for each other. This will help the club grow and develop because with unity and respect we will have a singular purpose that all of us can identify with,” he said.

Skhonjwa also pledged closer engagements with all the club’s supporters’ chapters, bridging the gap between the club’s older generations and the younger ones, getting sponsorship and forming strategic partnerships, to have the best women’s football team in the country and to ensure that Highlanders applies club licensing in all its operations. – @RealSimbaJemwa



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