Water supply takes huge chunk in Masvingo budget

22 Nov, 2020 - 00:11 0 Views
Water supply takes huge chunk in Masvingo budget Masvingo City Council

The Sunday News

Sharon Chimenya, Masvingo Correspondent
MASVINGO City Council has allocated a huge chuck of its 2021 budget to projects that are meant to improve the supply for potable water as the local authority has been experiencing challenges in supplying water to its residents.

According to the city budget proposal, the local authority will prioritise five projects which are the supply of potable water, waste water treatment and disposal, solid waste management, roads and infrastructure and housing and amenities which are expected to take up $529 456 900.

However, the water augmentation Phase 2 which has been budgeted for $270 million is expected to double the city’s water supply capacity to 60 mega litres a day from 30 mega litres. According to the budget proposal, water projects will be allocated $383 972 500.

“The other projects under water supply are the procurement of a new pump and electric mortar at a cost of $18, 9 million, hoists for intake tower and treatment works at $3, 6 million, water mains upgrading at $54 million, toilets upgrading at waterworks at $1, 8 million, communication system at $900 000, pumping main valves $18 million, district metering $1, 8 million, reticulation valves and hydrants at $4 972 500 and water meters (replacement of stuck meters) at a cost of $10 million,” read part of the budget.

The council said for waste water treatment and disposal it will allocate $53 744 400 and that will encompass the construction of the Mucheke sewer trunk main at $23 144 400 with funding coming from the government Devolution grant, SPCA-Flame tree sewer main upgrading at a cost of $21,6 million, power factor correction at $4 500 000 and flow recorders at $4,5 million.

The local authority said solid waste management projects which comprises the purchase of two refuse compactors will be allocated $10,8 million and the development of a new landfill site at a cost of $8 640 000.

The roads and infrastructure development section is to take up $40,9 million with the public lighting costing $9 million, new dozer $16,2 million, front-end loader, $5, 22 million, tipper truck, $7,2 million and traffic lights, $3, 28 million.

The housing and social amenities project will comprise the construction of Runyararo West Clinic, markets, Mucheke hostels and barracks upgrading, new secondary school construction, Masvingo-Kernen Park development, refurbishment of public toilets, new cemetery development and primary schools classroom blocks at a cost of $36, 4 million.

The council said it also seeks to put in place a ward development fund of $1 million which will be distributed equally among the city’s 10 wards where projects proposed by residents will be undertaken.

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