Welcome to Kingdom Blue Funeral Service

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Welcome to Kingdom Blue Funeral Service

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Kingdom Blue was established in 2015. We specialise in providing our clients with tailored products at an affordable price. Quality service has ensured that our customer retention is high in the funeral service industry.

We are an indigenously managed and owned company aiming at providing solutions to problems faced by the people of Zimbabwe such as employment creation and financial freedom. We strive to provide innovative solutions for our clients by providing a wide range of services, which include funeral services, funeral policies for individuals, families, companies, churches, and burial societies.

Our funeral products and services are aimed to bring families and communities together, to remember the life of the deceased, to renew bonds of socialisation and to provide financial freedom for all. The company strives to make a positive impact in the community. Kingdom Blue is currently located in Bulawayo at number 13820 Kelvin North.

We also render our services across the borders. Our passion is to create a conducive environment for financial stability and sustainability.

We have state of the art resources like our chapel, mortuary, administration offices that have enabled us to service more than 40 000 clients since 2015.Our excellency in providing local funeral services, repatriation and expatriation has seen an increase in demand of our services country wide. Our offices are strategically located in Kelvin North and easily accessible to all major residential areas and the Central Business District. The office offers a 24 hour service for removals and storage giving our clients peace of mind. We apply modern technology in everything we do to satisfy our clients.

Our Mission is; “To unite people together, providing them with financial freedom and helping bereaved families to cope with their loss. Our Vision is; “To be a world class insurance and funeral service provider that specialise in satisfying the needs and requirements of people. Our commitment is “The Kingdom Blue team consists of everyday people that understand the feeling of caring for or losing a loved one. Therefore, we are committed to providing an excellent service with care and expertise.”

Our services include providing tombstones, coffins sprays, removal and storage of the deceased, compiling and printing funeral programmes, repatriation and local burials, tents and chairs, paperwork, coffins and funeral arrangement.

Our funeral policies are; Single Policies (Bronze; Silver; Gold; Platinum); Standard Policies (Bronze; Silver; Gold; Platinum); Family Packages (Family Pack Bronze and one that covers extended family); Group Schemes for Burial Societies, Companies, Churches, etc; (Kingdom Plan; Royal Plan; Kingdom Plan Plus.

We believe in affordable and dignified funerals. Do not let the cost of the funeral add to your grief, as we offer a selection of customised funeral products that are designed to offer you the widest array of ways to pay final tribute to your loved ones. It is a good idea to plan for the future and make funeral plans. Our dedicated and caring team will play a very important role in planning and delivering a professional and meaningful funeral. When you lose a family member it is comforting to know there is someone you can trust, to turn to for support.

We excel in providing exceptional service at affordable cost. With our friendly professional staff, we are able to create a comforting environment for relatives and friends to gather, telling stories and sharing memories of their loved one. As dedicated professionals, we are here to help and advice in whatever way we can, providing 24-hour personal service, all year through even during public holidays and weekends.

We have five packages from which perspective members would choose. Choice of a package defines the elaboration of the services to be rendered by Kingdom Blue. There is no paperwork needed, no Joining Fee, you are covered immediately for accidental death and we do repatriations to all over Africa and terms and conditions apply.

—Kingdom Blue.

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