Welshman wins best dressed male award

13 Sep, 2015 - 00:09 0 Views

The Sunday News

Ntombiyolwandle Ndlovu Sunday Leisure Reporter
BULAWAYO stylist-cum-model Welshman Sibanda recently won an award for the Best dressed male at the just-ended red carpet Zimbabwe Fashion Week (ZFW) 2015 that was held in Harare. One cannot fail to see the great style that Sibanda has, as he cannot pass by unrecognised. In an interview with Sunday Leisure, the 27-year-old Sibanda said he was humbled to have won the prestigious award.

“Being the only Bulawayo-based stylist who won an award in the Zimbabwe Fashion Week, I feel very humbled and take it as my greatest achievement considering that I started this job six months back,” said Sibanda.

Sibanda said he was overwhelmed by the support he was now getting from fans, friends and family.
“Winning this award means a lot to me, now people have started taking me seriously, especially after they have seen the fruits of what I am doing. Perceptions on how people view styling have changed. Even close people like family are now taking my profession seriously,” he said.

Sibanda also said winning the award opened up a lot of opportunities for him in the industry.
“Since I have won, lots of doors have opened up for me. It has also been revealed to me that I am recognised in the fashion industry. I have made connections with established stylists in the industry like Ngungi Vere Zim Stylists based in South Africa and met with people like Trish Carmen and Tendy Kamusikiri,” he said.
Sibanda urged people to look out for his clothing line this summer.

“My advice since summer is around the corner is always keep fit, go to the gym and tone the muscles out. A healthy body carries a healthy mind,” he said.
The stylist urged up-and-coming stylists to believe in themselves and in the work that they were doing.

The stylist is dressing popular musician Ricco Andrews, a former group member of the Antivirus.
Welshman sees himself as the growing stylist in the fashion industry and happy to have won the award as a partial fulfillment of his dream to become one the best stylists in the country and even to be recognised beyond the Zimbabwean borders.

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