Withdrawing dead pensioner’s money is a crime

28 May, 2023 - 00:05 0 Views
Withdrawing dead pensioner’s money is a crime

The Sunday News

Robin Muchetu, Senior Reporter

THE Public Service Commission (PSC) has warned spouses, children and relatives not to withdraw pension funds paid after the death of a pensioner saying it is criminal to do.

In a statement, the Commission said it was a criminal offence to withdraw pension saying anyone caught doing so would be reported to the police for prosecution.

“The Government wishes to inform the public that when a Government pensioner passes on, surviving spouse(s) or relatives of the deceased should immediately notify the Public Service Commission. Upon the death of a pensioner, surviving spouse(s) and or children under the age of 18 years will be eligible to claim widow’s pension or child’s pension from the day following the death of a pensioner,” said PSC.

The PSC said children or spouse(s) need to inform the Commission when a death occurs so that it starts processing payments for the new beneficiaries expeditiously.

“Surviving spouse(s) and or guardian of the children should immediately apply for pension benefits at any nearest Public Service Commission offices. Pension application forms are obtained from Public Service Commission head offices, provincial and district offices around the country,” said PSC.

Pensioners in a bank queue in this file photo

According to the PSC once death has been notified the spouse(s) or children must fill in a DP2 form which must be accompanied by original confirmation of bank details bearing the name and account number stamped by the bank, certified copies of a national identity card or a valid passport, a death certificate of the deceased, a marriage certificate or original copy of the confirmation of a customary union, children’s long birth certificates together with affidavits from the spouse(s) and witnesses confirming the number of surviving spouse(s) and that they are the only spouse(s) left behind by the deceased.

The PSC said in the event where pension benefits have already been paid to the deceased pensioner due to late notification of death, relatives should not to withdraw that money from the bank.

“This money belongs to the State. Surviving spouse(s) or guardian of children of the late, estate administrators should not utilise those monies because these are State funds and as such, they should be returned to Public Service Commission without any delays,” said PSC.

In the event that both parents are deceased, the children’s pension is paid through a guardian and the guardian must obtain a certificate of guardianship issued on a prescribed form authenticated by a minister of religion, headmaster, justice of peace, chief, Social Welfare officer or pensions officer who must have made a home visit with at least two witnesses to the declaration.

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