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The Sunday News

Cosmas Zulu

Bulawayo City vs Black Rhinos

League Game

Barbourfields Stadium 7/4/2018

Uniform confusion

I still cannot understand this; Bulawayo City wearing a uniform with red tops, red shots with red and white stockings, and Black Rhinos wearing white tops with a bit of red, red shots and white stocking with a little red.

Honestly how can the referee and match commissioner allow the game to be played when team colours are clashing like that?

There were 17 instances when Bulawayo City players wrongly passed the ball to Rhinos players because of this confusion and ten times Rhinos players gave the ball to opponents. Now let’s turn to the only goal of the match. Instead of applying a defensive header a Bulawayo City player laid the ball to a Rhinos player who then quickly set a pass to an unmarked teammate who beat the Bulawayo City goalkeeper by literally passing into the empty net.

In the first 20 minutes Bulawayo City roving right back let down the team by failing to put good crosses on six occasions. The conversion from defensive stance to attacking stance by the City midfield players was very slow. No wonder why the team has scored a few goals after five games. And looking at the log, for Bulawayo City four points out of a possible 15 is not good at all. In that game, the substitution of Timothy January was a big surprise because on the 29th, 39th, 56th, 72th, 75th minutes of the game when Bulawayo City got scoring chances and of course missed, Timothy January was one of the architects, not forgetting they had 13 corners which all went to waste.

Rhinos deserved the three points because of their defensive tactics which were so good especially the mopping of high balls coming into their 18 area, including corners. Rhinos could have scored two more goals but they were poor in passing in the last third of the pitch.

Best performance so far

Highlanders vs Nichrut FC.

League Game

Barbourfields 8/4/ 2018

I think this was the best performance by Highlanders so far this season. I say so because from the three league games I have watched Highlanders at home, this time there was freedom of expression on the ball. Freedom of expression on the ball includes knowing when to be slow and when to push, as well as having some urgency in the constructing process from the goalkeeper to defenders and to midfielders then to the attack, with one-two touches on the ball ending up in the opponents 18 area. During such a process in the last game Highlanders forced ten corners.

I saw the boys stringing 22 complete passes. I will be happy to see any other team surpassing this. Highlanders scored on the 51th minute from a feed kick with a text book header — the Jack knife Technique. After all these good tactical issues the worrying thing was the team failing to manage the six times when Nichrut employed counter attacks. With good execution from the opponents Highlanders’ day could have been spoiled. But Nichrut have themselves to blame on the goal conceded with defenders giving away a free header and poor concentration on the part of the goalkeeper. I suspected the sun also contributed to this. They had some great misses on the 70th minute and 80th minute, perhaps the visitors were in a hurry to get a goal.

I would like to say this to the strikers concerned; a man is only in a hurry if he is being chased by police. And to Highlanders players consistency requires you to be as ignorant today as you were on your last game.

History — Fifa World Cup Italy 1934 ( 27 May — 10 June )

Thirty two teams — Argentine, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Czechoslovakia, Egypt, France, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United States.

Egypt were the first African team to qualify for the World Cup. Italy Won 2-1 over Czechoslovakia After extra time


Supporters by the name of Mr Wire of Zimbabwe Saints shouting to a friend, Saints problems are now solved we are now winning our games home and underwear.

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