Woman locks hubby outside for four months

20 Apr, 2014 - 00:04 0 Views

The Sunday News

Kay Kaseke Sunday News Reporter
A BULAWAYO man on Monday almost broke down in court as he revealed that his wife has been locking him outside their house, forcing him to sleep in his car for the past four months.
Festoone Mlawuzi from Sizinda was dragged to court by his wife Mrs Doris Mlawuzi, who demanded maintenance for her own upkeep.

Festoone left the court in shock when he refused to pay maintenance for his wife as he accused her of locking him outside their house since January this year.

“You will not believe this your Worship. I have been sleeping in my car since January. Every time I arrive from work I find the door locked and I am left with no option but to sleep outside,” he said.

He claimed that his wife was abusive.
“This woman is abusive, therefore I cannot give her any of my earnings because she does not treat me like her husband,” he said.

He said he stopped caring for her because she did not cook for him.
Festoone accused Doris of eating all their food with her relatives, leaving nothing for him.
He said he could not afford the $102 demanded by his wife.

“I cannot afford to give her the amount she is requesting as I am not employed at the moment. I go to the garage and park my car, I am no longer working like I used to,” he said.
Doris, who did not deny her husband’s claims, accused him of neglecting her.

“He used to give me $100 every month but now he doesn’t give me anything.
“I need the money to take care of myself and pay our bills,” she said.

Magistrate Mr Takundwa Mthethwa advised the two to seek counselling.
“You should go for counselling so that you solve this issue before it destroys your marriage,” he said.

Festoone immediately said: “We tried consulting our relatives for counselling but nothing changed. She takes advantage of the fact that I have no relatives of my own.”

Mr Mthethwa ignored his claims and advised him to pay $50 every month for the upkeep of his wife until she remarries or dies.

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