Women geared to vote

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Women geared to vote

The Sunday News


Walter Mswazie in Masvingo
MORE than 100 000 women physically checked their particulars during the provisional voters’ role inspection in seven districts in Masvingo Province that ended on Tuesday last week.

This was higher than the more than 75 000 men who checked their particulars, statistics released by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) revealed.

According to the statistics released by Masvingo provincial Zec office, there were 106 228 females who physically inspected the provisional voters roll compared to 75 351 males.

However, the figure was only 30 percent of registered voters as some checked their particulars through online platforms availed by Zec.

According to the figures, more females 2 117 were also turned away without inspecting for either not having identity documents or because their identity cards were defaced.

There were 2 004 males who were turned away on the same grounds.

According to Zec, 15 393 people registered to vote during the period of which 7 685 were females and 7 708 were males.

There were also 270 voters (114 males and 156 females) who were re-registered due to errors on their names.

Those who requested to transfer to other wards were 3 775 of which 1 902 were females and 1 873 were males.

Zec provincial election officer Mr Zex Zirabada Pudurayi said the turnout was commendable.

“The turnout was quite encouraging considering that there is mobile platform, which registered voters used to check their names.

“We are happy with the turnout on the provisional voters roll inspection,” said Mr Pudurayi.

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