Women get together for Afrluencer brunch

05 Aug, 2022 - 10:08 0 Views
Women get together for Afrluencer brunch Nikky Mdluli

The Sunday News

Simba Jemwa, Sunday Life Reporter

WOMEN from all walks of life will next Saturday get together ‘learn, live and empower’ at the Afrluencer Women’s Brunch at Yanaya Lifestyle in Bulawayo to celebrate development and identification of opportunities for collaboration among women.

The event which is being organised by Afrluent Media, is designed to bring women together so they can share ideas, skills and create opportunities for collaboration.

“We will run a questionnaire to find out exactly the needs of women when it comes to career building, starting up businesses, and networking. The idea is to make sure we are not just “any network” but we want to create a platform for women to come up with real projects that can drive the economy forward,” said Nikky Mdluli the Afrluent Media chief executive.

The event has three different panels that will run on the day – the first panel will deal with the growth stage of their startups and the focus is to discuss what they expect from a network. In the second panel, seasoned business women will answer the questions from the first panel and also share skills and information.

The third panel will have women representing the diaspora and South Africa network and will give attendees a world view of opportunities for women across Africa and abroad because we need women to start thinking of exporting their businesses whether its products, services or personal brands.

“When I was talking to Mercy Mabiza a local businesswoman, she said, ‘we have read and been motivated, now we need people that will show us how to make things happen’. And I knew instantly that if she’s feeling like this, then what of the people that are in the idea generation stage. And right then I knew we have a problem to address,” said Mdluli.


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