‘You twerk for your husband’ – Gospel singer’s wife

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‘You twerk for your husband’ – Gospel singer’s wife Sfiso and his wife Ayanda Ncwane

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Sfiso and his wife  Ayanda Ncwane

Sfiso and his wife Ayanda Ncwane

AFTER nine years of marriage South Africa’s Sfiso and Ayanda Ncwane have revealed that it’s important to keep the flame alive.

The gospel star’s wife told Drum magazine that prayer‚ trust‚ faith and intimacy plays a vital role in a marriage.

And good food‚ of course. Ayanda told the publication that as a wife‚ cooking is not all you do.

“You pray‚ you cook and you twerk for your husband. He needs to find twerking at home. As much as I’m a wife‚ I can’t afford to stop being a girlfriend. When we close the bedroom door‚ it’s not time to pray. Intimacy is very important. You can’t downplay intimacy‚” she said.

Ayanda added that even though female fans are bound to get carried away — “groupies” are not an issue for her.

Ayanda and her gospel singer husband are known for their fun view of their marriage. Sfiso has famously referred to his wife as his “Kim Kardashian” but has expressed that he doesn’t like it when people refer to her as a gold-digger.

During an interview on Cliff Central the gospel star stated that when he met his wife for the first time in 2002 he knew she was the one.

“The first time I saw my wife‚ I told her‚ ‘I want to marry you’ and she didn’t believe me. She told me that we were too young. Even though she didn’t believe me and I didn’t have money I told her that God will provide.”

Sfiso remembered how he couldn’t afford anything at the time but Ayanda still loved him.

“After we got married things were so bad‚ it was like someone told everyone not to hire me or give me any interviews or anything. I had to stay with my mother-in-law and Ayanda in their house because it was bad.”

He explained that this led him to approach churches in the community for gigs saying this is the reason he gets angry when people label Ayanda as a “gold-digger who is only with him for the fame.” — Sowetan

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