Youth personality development

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Youth personality  development

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Youth Focus with Dr. Manners Msongelwa

PERSONALITY is a way of thinking, feeling, and behaving. It embraces moods, attitudes, and opinions and is most clearly expressed in interactions with other people.

Personality is NOT a well-dressed, charming person, though being so can certainly help. Having a good personality is key to success at school. Good personality traits.

Be a better communicator and listener

Good communication is one of the most important life skills and the key to good interpersonal relationships.
With clear communication, you can navigate through adverse situations and resolve conflicts easily. So, clear your thoughts and communicate what you want to. At the same time be a good listener.

Celebrate your uniqueness

Don’t wish you were someone else. To become an effective personality, you need to feel confident by avoiding comparisons with others as such comparisons block our own strengths as the other one assumes more strength in our mind.

Know that you’re unique and incomparable and this trait of yours must be celebrated.

Imperfections make you perfect

No-one is a know-all. It’s refreshing to learn from others what we don’t know about. Imperfections make you perfect.
None in this world is perfect as everyone has some flaws. When faced with criticism, accept it if it’s positive and let it go if it’s not.

Being optimistic, grateful

Being positive is the key to a healthy, peaceful life. Driving out negativity certainly improves your mental stability as positive thoughts reduce depression and anxiety substantially.

Being self-confident

Confidence creates motivation and makes you aware of your inner capacities.
Self-confidence triggers chemical changes in the brain and leads you to a point where you start believing it. So, have confidence and tell yourself you can handle anything successfully and you will.

Being strong from the inside

Don’t give in to external pressures. Be content with what you have. Don’t feel bad because you don’t have the latest phone or latest fashion, don’t worry about that.

One day you will buy everything you want. Time and chance happen to all. Remain calm in the middle of any situation.

Dressing confidently

Be smart and presentable all the time. Smell good. This boosts your confidence.

Dr Manners Msongelwa is an author, teacher and youth coach. He can be contacted on +263 771 019 392

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