Youths promote peace tolerance in Zimbabwe

29 Sep, 2022 - 11:09 0 Views
Youths promote peace tolerance in Zimbabwe Mr John Muchenje

The Sunday News

Clementine Phulu, Sunday News Reporter

4-H Zimbabwe, a youth initiative aimed at building political tolerance among the youth, last Saturday launched their programmes at a local hotel in Bulawayo.

The initiative, running under the theme; ‘End racism and build peace’ comes hard on the heels of commemorations of the International Day of Peace which was on 21 September and is aimed at calling on the youth to promote peace tolerance in Zimbabwe.

According to the organisers of the initiative they do not belong to any political party but work with any political organisations to promote peace.

4-H Zimbabwe Director, Mr John Muchenje said the aim of the initiative was to create a platform where youths discuss issues relating to peace building.

“Our aim is to create a platform where young people from different backgrounds meet and discuss issues that are affecting them and we are saying to every individual from all different parties in Zimbabwe let’s come together and advocate for youth participation within political parties,” he said.

Zimbabwe Youth Champions for agenda 2063 Director Mr Tanaka Ndongera said guided by the agenda for 2063 which speaks of peace and justice in Africa, youths need to implement peace in order for development to take place.

“Guided by the agenda 2063 youths need to play their part by implementing within the parties in order for development to take place, youths need to play their part in promoting peace,” he said.

Parliamentary youth Caucus Chairperson Honorable Tatenda Mavetera said the problem the youths have is that they start fighting as per political party affiliation instead of standing together.

“It is important for us to understand that Zimbabwe is built by us Zimbabweans, as our President His Excellency Emmerson Mnangagwa would say Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo, so let’s stand together, stand for the truth and appreciate the truth and build our nation peacefully let’s stop fighting, hurting one another and build our Zimbabwe,” she said.

Provincial chairperson for young women for economic development Sandra Ndebele- Sibindi on behalf of youths in arts said it’s the moment youths ‘stop and start’ and the peace will prevail.

“I’m saying to all the young people in Zimbabwe let’s stop and start, the moment we stop and start the peace will prevail, “she said.

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