‘ZACC has mechanisms to recover externalised monies’

15 May, 2024 - 16:05 0 Views
‘ZACC has mechanisms to recover externalised monies’ ZACC Deputy Chairperson Commissioner Kuziwa Murapa

The Sunday News

Rutendo Nyeve, Sunday News Reporter

THE Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) has encouraged the nation to invest locally and grow the country’s economy saying it has mechanisms in place to identify and bring back monies that were corruptly obtained in the country and externalised.

In an interview with Sunday News recently in Bulawayo, ZACC Deputy Chairperson Commissioner Kuziwa Murapa said the anti-graft body was closing in on externalised monies though the process takes time.

“As ZACC we are aware that there are monies which have corruptly been obtained in the country and they have been taken out of our borders. We are saying as ZACC, we have mechanisms and we are already in the process of identifying those monies and bringing them back into the country.

“However, we also urge our citizens that it is better to invest money within our own country because as they take money outside the country, they are investing in that jurisdiction. They are making that economy grow at the expense of your economy back home. So we urge our citizens to grow our economy than the economy of others,” said Commissioner Murapa.

He said in bringing back the externalised monies, they use various mechasnisms which include mutual assistance that they get from their counterparts in those countries.

“In following this money we use various methods, chief amongst them, what we call the mutual legal assistance. Mutual legal assistance means that, we as a country are going to approach similar organisations in that country and they help us with legal issues to bring that money back.

“It is a lengthy process but it is a process that we cannot win, we are winning. It is a process that takes time but we are determined to bring that money home,” said Commissioner Murapa.

Meanwhile, the anti-graft body has seized over US$270 million worth of illegally obtained immovable assets, including a house in South Africa, in the past four years.

Speaking in Bulawayo recently, Zacc manager for legal representation, Mrs Spiwe Chafungamoyo, said the first case was recorded in 2019 when a house worth US$250 000 was purchased using tainted funds.

“In 2020, Zacc seized nine immovable properties, including one in South Africa. These properties were worth about US$100 million. In 2021 the commission seized assets worth US$7 million and filed 18 cases with the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA),” she said.

“In 2022, 20 cases had been filed with NPA worth US$29 million. Zacc received 11 orders from the High Court and subsequently seized seven properties and several vehicles.”

Last year, Zacc filed 39 cases with NPA to the value of US$136 million. Of those cases filed with NPA, Zacc recorded a 71 percent conviction rate.



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