Zahara’s hubby still paying her hospital bill despite the snub

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Zahara’s hubby still paying her hospital bill despite the snub

The late Afro-pop sensation Zahara’s husband Mpho Xaba says he is still paying for her hospital bill even though he doesn’t know where she is buried.

Speaking to Sunday World on Friday, Xaba also revealed that he had to undergo months of therapy to overcome his pain. This, after he was ill-treated by the singer’s family before she was even laid to rest.

Zahara, born Bulelwa Mkutukana, passed away on December 11. She died after spending almost three weeks at a private hospital in Johannesburg. The musician was buried in her home province, the Eastern Cape, on December 23.

Kicked out of funeral preparations

Xaba says he was kicked out of her funeral preparations. He claims he was also removed from the funeral programme. The family chased him like a dog from participating in anything relating to his wife’s final honour, he said.

He was speaking out for the first time following allegations that her family has been evicted from her house in Roodepoort. This after failing to settle the bond arrears. They are currently selling her furniture on WhatsApp to the highest bidder.

Xaba added that he was legally obliged to bury his wife. This was because he paid lobola for her a few weeks before she passed away. However, he refused to take up any legal fights with her family to protect her honour.
Sidelined, barred from attending funeral

“I was completely sidelined on funeral arrangements. (They did)not consult me on anything. Myself and my family were completely sidelined. Our opinions didn’t matter. In fact, we were not allowed to make any opinions,” he said.
Xaba and Zahara made headlines in March last year after he proposed to her. The engineer and businessman then flew his uncles to the Eastern Cape to start with the lobola negotiations. Soon after, the pair had an intimate cultural lobola celebration in November.

The singer passed away a few weeks later, before they could finalise plans for their white wedding.

Xaba said he was welcomed with both arms by Zahara’s family and her sisters called him their brother. However, the entire family quickly changed tune and turned him into an enemy just days after her passing.

“The funeral I attended was the public ceremony at the ICC. I never went to the graveyard. To this day, I don’t know where she is buried because that is how bad things were.

Family lied about him being after Zahara’s assets

“Her family created a crisis. They lied, her sisters lied. …They said I was busy claiming Bulelwa’s properties, I don’t know why. I have three properties, I don’t know why they would think that because Bulelwa’s house was on the verge of getting auctioned again. And I am the one who said ‘let us get out of that situation’,” he said.

He added that he left everything to the family and started his healing process silently.
Xaba said even though he does not know where his wife is buried, he is still in charge of her hospital bill. This was sitting at just over R800,000 when she passed away.

Hospital bill at R820k, but medical aid paid R712k

“I am still paying her hospital bill. Her total hospital bill is around R820,000. Fortunately medical aid covered R712,000 of it. The rest I must pay for it. There is no one to pay for it in the family. Obviously because they only care about themselves and what they can get from all of this,” he said.

Zahara’s former manager, Oyama Dyosiba could not comment further on the matter. He referred all questions to her sisters, Bandezwa and Lumka, who have taken over her estate.

Dyosiba said: “I’m so disgusted and they should be ashamed.”

Bandezwa and Lumka were not immediately available to comment.—Sundayworld.

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