Zambian gets 10 years for possessing copper cables, as Chinese gets deported

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Zambian gets 10 years for possessing copper cables, as Chinese gets deported Copper cables

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A 55-year-old Zambian national has been jailed for an effective 10 years after he was found in possession of 15.35 kg of copper cables.

The Kariba magistrates court also fined Robert Luyako a total of US$600 or 60 days in prison for contravening the Immigration Act and selling unlicensed medicines.

According to the National Prosecuting Authority of Zimbabwe, the police on January 23 acted on a tip-off about a foreign national who was operating an illegal food outlet in Nyamhuka Council Bar, Kariba, and arrested Luyako.

Luyako failed to produce the relevant documents authorising him to stay in Zimbabwe and, to add to his woes, the police searched and found 15.35kg of copper cables as well as various medicines.

He was fined US$300 or 30 days imprisonment for contravening the Immigration Act, 10 years imprisonment for being found in possession of copper cables, and US$300 or 30 days imprisonment for selling unregistered medicines.

Meanwhile, A Chinese national Zhang We Hong who was staying at Stone Mining in Zhombe, Kwekwe district in the Midlands, was convicted by the Gweru magistrates court for contravening sections of the Immigration Act.

During a routine visit to the mine by immigration officials on May 29 this year, Hong failed to produce a valid passport, permit, or entry certificate allowing him to be in Zimbabwe.

Investigations revealed that Hong was in possession of an expired permit which lapsed on February 27. He was issued with a Notice of Visitor granting him a 14-day stay to regularise his documents, which expired on April 29.

Hong however failed to leave the country or extend his stay leading to his arrest. He was sentenced to pay a US$200 fine and the court ordered that he be deported back to China.

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