ZANU PF Bulawayo provincial commissar dies

19 May, 2022 - 15:05 0 Views
ZANU PF Bulawayo provincial commissar dies Cde Ruth Shelton

The Sunday News

Rutendo Nyeve, Sunday News Correspondent

ZANU PF Bulawayo provincial commissar Cde Ruth Shelton has died.

Cde Shelton succumbed to kidney failure on Wednesday. The Zanu PF Bulawayo provincial secretary for information and publicity, Cde Archie Chiponda, said the province was deeply saddened by the death of Cde Ruth Shelton.

“Bulawayo province has suffered a great loss of our provincial commissar Cde Ruth Shelton. In fact, Zanu Pf country wide has suffered a great loss of a dedicated and vibrant cadre. She is somebody who served at provincial level both as a youth and now in the main wing. The party both provincially and country wide will really feel this loss of a hard-working commissar. She was a good politician and good person.

“Cde Ruth was known for her vibrancy, honesty and ever having a smile on her face hence her nick name vatete vemsangano. No one in Zanu Pf particularly in Bulawayo and probably countrywide would say they didn’t know her,” said Cde Chiponda.

Zanu pf national youth league leader, Cde Tendai Chirau has also joined in mourning the late leader.

“We served together in the youth league and when her term in the youth league ended, she was one of the products of the youth league who graduated to the Main Wing and became Bulawayo Provincial Commissar. Rest in peace Cde Ruth Shelton,” said Cde Chirau.

Mourners are gathered at 13409 Pumula South. She is survived by her daughter. -@nyeve14



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