ZDF assures security

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ZDF assures security

The Sunday News


Rt Rev Bishop Morris Gwedegwe
FELLOW Zimbabweans, vanamai naana baba, bobaba labomama, brothers and sisters, it is with great honour and humility that we in the Defence Forces of Zimbabwe accepted your invitation to come and commiserate with all of you on this great moment in the life of our people and our country.

This solidarity march which you have organised so well, judging by the magnitude of attendance here today (Saturday), is a strong indication that our people are ready for a new beginning and to make their contribution in the development of their country.

I stand here today as a messenger of love and peace from the entirety of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces.

Your patriotic soldiers also want to assure you that your country, property and your personal security is assured in their hands. Indeed as Defence Forces, we are overjoyed to be part of this momentous event which is full of excitement and hope.

We are all agreed that the socio-economic and political situation in our country today has sharply deteriorated to a level where life has become unbearable for the majority of our people across the board. Hospitals have become death traps as there are almost zero services, commodity prices have sky-rocketed, transport services have become a nightmare, jobs have become a thing of the past as elected politicians endlessly quarrel over positions for personal gain.

These are the socio-economic and political ills that have cajoled your soldiers, once again, to make this extreme sacrifice in defence of your motherland, national interests and human rights.

Viva Zimbabwe, our motherland!!!

-Rt Rev Bishop Morris Gwedegwe is the Defence Forces Service Commissioner. This message was prepared for presentation at the Solidarity Rally yesterday.

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