Zenzo Nyathi, Memory Kumbota return to small screen

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Zenzo Nyathi, Memory Kumbota return to small screen Memory Kumbota

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Bruce Ndlovu , Sunday Life Reporter
ZIMBABWEANS will once again watch two of their most talented actors, Memory Kumbota and Zenzo Nyathi, when they star in Bazukuru, a sitcom that is set to hit a yet to be named international streaming service soon.

Despite their exploits on the screen in the past, Kumbota and Nyathi have largely blazed a trail on the stage recently, with their exploits revered across the continent.

The two are now set to star in Bazukuru, a series directed by William Nyandoro and produced by Kudzai Chikomo. Nkosilesisa Ncube served as the writer for the sitcom while Matesu Dube was in charge of sound. Make-up for the 13-episode series was done by Cynthia Mharadze.

According to the show’s synopsis, Kumbota will play Derek, a military veteran who is left behind with his two grandchildren after their parents migrate to the United States.

“Derek is an old man in his 70s,” the character description. “He is still very fit and healthy, possibly because of his military background. Derek is a practical man. For him, everything is black and white and there is hardly any room for negotiation.

Zenzo Nyathi

He is stern and hardly ever jokes and this may make him seem scary to some people. However, in spite of this, beneath the tough exterior is a man who deeply cares for his family although he may not always be able to show it. At the beginning, he comes off as rather rigid and unapproachable but as the story goes further, it can be noted that he softens up, particularly to Noxolo of whom he is overly protective.”

Nyathi is set to play Derek’s wayward grandchild, DJ, who suffers from a lack of father figure in his life.

“DJ is Derek’s older grandchild. He is in his late 20s, but his behaviour suggests otherwise. He is irresponsible and has no sense of consequence. He can easily be dismissed as lazy and uninspired but that is because he did not get any guidance while he was growing up,” the character description reads.

In an interview, Kumbota said he was happy to be back on the small screen.

“It has been a long time since I was on the small screen. I think the last time this happened it was on Raisedon Baya’s Nsukuzokucina a few years back. We did this one a little while back as well and I was happy to be working with some young, vibrant people,” he said.

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