Zimbabwe Golf Association allowed to hold competitions, caddies reintroduced

23 Sep, 2020 - 08:09 0 Views
Zimbabwe Golf Association allowed to hold competitions, caddies reintroduced

The Sunday News

Mehluli Sibanda, Senior Sports Reporter

THERE is some great news for the local golf family with competitions now allowed to take place in the presence of caddies while club restaurants are also being reopened.

In a statement sent out on Tuesday, Zimbabwe Golf Association president, Mufaro Chivonivoni said the developments came about after engagements with the Sports and Recreation Commission.

“Following representations made to the Sports and Recreation Commission the ZGA has received authority from the Ministry of Youth, Sports Arts and Recreation to hold competitions, re-introduce caddies and open club restaurants,’’ said Chivonivoni.

Prior notification has to be given before any tournaments take place, with adherence to Covid-19 regulations required.

“The approval shall in addition to other legislation and policy directives relating to the containment and prevention of COVID -19 be subject to the following additional conditions:  Adhere to the operating timelines for club restaurants (0630hrs -1830 hrs), adhere to the limit of not more than 50 spectators, caddies adhere to the caddie safety protocol as published by ZGA, before any competitions can be held prior notification should be given,’’ Chivonivoni said.

ZGA recently wrote to the SRC for permission to allow for the return of caddies to bring back excitement to the game again.


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