Zimbabweans are loyal — Khethiwe

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Zimbabweans are loyal — Khethiwe

The Sunday News

Winnie NtshabaPeter Matika Senior Leisure Reporter
BEAUTIFUL and intriguing South African actress Winnie Ntshaba (Modise), popularly known as Khethiwe Buthelezi (pictured) in Generations, believes Zimbabweans are a loyal people, saying that her child and friend’s maids  who are Zimbabwean, are trustworthy.
Sunday Leisure senior reporter Peter Matika had the opportunity and pleasure to interview the South African actress, who also claimed Zimbabwean ancestry.

PM: It’s a pleasure to meet you, so what do you think of Bulawayo, the City of Kings?
WN: It’s a beautiful city, so far so good and as I said earlier, the people here are so laid back. Even when there was almost a stampede, it was peaceful when we went to the townships.

PM: Many people know you as Khethiwe Buthelezi who are you really?
WN: Well my real name is Winnie Ntshaba, I am not Khethiwe Buthelezi, those who don’t know my name are ignorant (joking). Do you know my totem is Mgabe spelt without the u. I belong here in Zimbabwe.

PM: Wow really? That’s interesting.
WN: When my dad explains our history, it does have some connections here in Zimbabwe. Apparently there is a mkhulu who left Zimbabwe years ago and he got a truck, I really don’t know if he was a Mugabe then decided to change it to Mgabe but the roots are here in Zimbabwe.

PM: So do you know any Zimbabweans in South Africa in the showbiz industry?
WN: Yes, I know Dlamini — he used to act as Scotch in Generations.

PM: Besides him who else do you know from Zimbabwe?
WN: Oskido is from Zimbabwe.

PM: Okay besides him is there anyone else you know?
WN: My maid is from Zimbabwe. Actually most of my friends have maids from Zimbabwe. What we like about them is that they are   loyal.

PM: So what you are saying is that you believe Zimbabweans are loyal?
WN: Yes, they are extremely loyal.

PM: So from the performances you saw tonight from the local artistes what do you think about our entertainment industry at a glance?
WN: I love it, it’s a pity this kind of music, you call urban grooves it’s not played on Channel O and Mtv Base. Zimbabwe need to showcase such talent, the industry is so much dominated by Nigerians. Zimbabweans have to come out and showcase their talent.

PM: So what’s your favourite type of music?
WN: Well, I listen to all types of music and I have various discs of many artistes in my house.

PM: Okay besides being Khethiwe who are you?
WN: I am a businesswoman, a mother, a daughter and I just launched the first soapie awards. The Royalty Soapie Awards, so that is what I am focusing on.

PM: How long have you been on Generations?
WN: I have been with the production for the past nine years.

PM: Okay back to Zimbabwe, from what has been said and reported on TV about the country what do you think?
WN: Well these people come from America and report badly about the country, that’s bad. What I like about Zimbabwe is that there is no language barrier, we can communicate perfectly. I was in Mozambique a couple of weeks ago and the language barrier was just something else.

PM: So what advice can you give to upcoming actors?
WN: It’s not easy and I always tell people that but when it happens you are super lucky. But the passion must drive you, if you want to get into this for money then forget there is no money. Keep at it if it’s really your passion but if you want it just for the fame you won’t last, the African industry is different from America.

PM: It was a pleasure talking to you and hope you do return to Zimbabwe soon.
WN: Thank you and I will definitely bring my other colleagues.

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