ZTA takes service excellence training to key government departments

07 Oct, 2021 - 16:10 0 Views
ZTA takes service excellence training to key government departments Mr Godfrey Koti

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THE Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) has started rolling out an aggressive service excellence training programme throughout the country.

 In line with the country’s National Development Strategy1, this week the ZTA Destination Management Division is providing free training services in Victoria Falls. ZTA spokesperson Chief Godfrey Koti said the  programme was anchored on equipping all tourism front line staffers who are responsible for client services and interactions.

“An exceptional service excellence culture will not come by accident, it will come by design and time investment in learning from industry experts. This is why we have decided to roll out an extensive Hospitality Service Excellence training programme,” he said.

Focus and emphasis this time is on various government departments and agencies.

“These organisations include the Zimbabwe Republic Police, National Handling Services, Zimparks, Zimbabwe Revenue Authority, Airports Company of Zimbabwe, Hotels & critical tourism entities & stakeholders. The training is highlighting  on creating awareness on the need for good ambassadorial etiquette for destination Zimbabwe.

The aim is to develop an integrated approach to service excellence in the tourism sector. We have to rationalise our efforts and develop a way of doing things that will guide service excellence in the sector and create an enabling environment for developing a positive customer service culture,” he added.



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