David Ngwenya: Preaching gospel through music

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David Ngwenya: Preaching gospel through music David Ngwenya

The Sunday News

Sandisiwe Gumbo, Sunday Life Reporter 

DAVID Ngwenya, a 37-year-old gospel musician is on a mission to use his music to spread the word of God and inspire people of all ages. 

Ngwenya is the son of the late Emmanuel Nkomo, who was a member of the Zigzag band, known for their African bass music in Kwekwe.

David has written several songs including one titled “The Hero” that carries a powerful message of overcoming difficulties through faith.

“I pray to God to help me and the people out there, to follow the word of God through my music. The message l am trying to send through my music is to say, Lord use me to preach your word. My song ‘Hero’ speaks a lot to every age group, to say no matter what difficulties out there, Lord make me your hero. 

Growing up in his grandfather’s church, The Church of God in Bulawayo, David’s passion for gospel music was nurtured from a young age. He and his twin brother’s performances in the church choir, inspired many.

As he was reflecting on his personal journey in music, David shared that it has been a difficult road as he faces discouragement as well as financial challenges. 

“It’s painful to pursue something that you love with all your heart, yet some people will be discouraging you in different ways,” he lamented. 

“Finances for recording music and securing studio production have been major challenges for me, but I remain resolute and rely on my faith to overcome these challenges,” he said. 

He draws inspiration from gospel music artistes such as Minister Takesure Zamar Ncube, Minister Michael Mahendere, Janet Manyonga, Matthias Mhere and aspiries to have a significant impact on the world through his music.

David revealed that he did not know his father until he was assisted by a man identified as Mr Chinhema.

“Growing up, me and my twin brother didn’t know our father. We started searching for him until we met this man called Mr Chinhema, although he passed on after fulfilling his duty of helping us to find our father’s roots. He  managed to find out about our father by the name of Emmanuel Nkomo, from Zigzag Band, who sang the song “Gomoramasare”  and “Nyarunde” that was the band group from Kwekwe. The painful part is that we found out about him when he had passed away.”

The legacy of his late father influenced David. 

He learnt the values of hard work and perseverance from his father’s dedication to the band,which inspired him to strive for similar recognition and success in the music industry.

“My father was into African bass music called Chigiyo music, but his music influenced me a lot. I used to listen to those songs since l was young, long back, not knowing that was my father. His hard work and dedication has inspired me to work harder. 

“When it comes to Gospel music, the Church must not influence you to become a gospel musician; it has to come within your spirit as the spirit of God leads and gives you utterance,” he noted.



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