‘I owe it to Khuxxman’

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‘I owe it to Khuxxman’ Likhwa Ncube

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Likhwa Ncube

Likhwa Ncube

Kudzai Mpangi, Sunday Life Reporter
WITHOUT doubt any musician would be keen to having Khulekani Bethule aka Khuxxman for a producer as he has been producing the best hits for a long time and has remained one of the most versatile musicians in the City of Kings and Queens.

However, his works do not go unnoticed as award-winning poet Likhwa Ncube affirmed that he owes his golden story to the versatile musician who has been supportive in his career both as a poet and musician.

“He is the man. He has always been my producer since 2008 and he understands my poetry, few producers do. I wouldn’t have thought of having anyone as my producer other than the man himself.

“Under his mentorship I have managed to release two albums which marked the beginning of a new era in my life and from that point until now it’s been a miracle kind of life and I’m enjoying the arts life and winning the Nama in 2015 for being an outstanding poet shows the hard work he has put through in my poetry skills,” he added.

Having been featured in Khuxxman block buster song Vumelani Sangoma, Ncube revealed that the song that practically became an anthem in the City of Kings and being followed by an award was the breakthrough to his career.

“Six years ago Khuxxman created an anthem that until today defines a shift in my arts career and one way or the other I shouldn’t run away from the fact that, the song is popular even today and I still meet people who can’t believe I’m the poet who featured in the song, maybe because of the skills that Khuxxman found in me,” he said.

Ncube said he appreciates the love shown to him by people who have been supporting his work from around Zimbabwe and South Africa.

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