LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Hats off to all Idai donors

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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Hats off to all Idai donors Chinese Ambassador to Zimbabwe Guo Shaochun (in the background, right) accompanied by his deputy, Zhao Baogang (background, left), representing the Chinese community in Zimbabwe hands over a donation of foodstuffs and blankets for Cyclone Idai victims to the Government, represented by Defence and War Veterans Permanent Secretary Mr Martin Rushwaya in Harare . — (Picture by Memory Mangombe)

The Sunday News

The way infrastructure and life were destroyed by Cyclone Idai is so sad but I feel that the Meteorology Department should have given the whole country some strong warnings in advance to avoid the loss of lives unnecessarily.

Proper warnings and preparations for the devastating cyclone should have been done because when I read and watched weather reports on television it was as if it was just an ordinary cyclone that is why people were caught by surprise.

International television channels like Sky News and BBC reported about it but very few people from Zimbabwe watch those channels services. It is very expensive to subscribe for one to access them. 

Weather reports in Mozambique and Madagascar were also clear on that cyclone and warned people to stay at higher grounds as well as in strong roofs but in Zimbabwe it was as if that cyclone would be weak the time it reach the Eastern part of the country.

I feel as a country we always need to be ready and prepared for disasters such as Cyclone Idai. 

We must not forget the fact that our country is not all that far from the Indian Ocean where most of these tropical cyclones start. 

It is also sad to hear that our Civil Protection Unit had no money to help those who were affected by the deadly cyclone.

I urge the Minister of Finance to make sure that next time when the minister presents his budget he must make sure that the Civil Protection Unit gets a better allocation of funds to prepare for such national disasters like cyclones and road accidents.

The whole nation was really shocked to see people coming from as far as South Africa with sniffer dogs when we can have our own dogs here.

I hope the Government through the responsible ministry and the District Development Fund will work very hard to make sure life in the affected areas will come back to normal as soon as possible. 

Most people in areas such as Nyangu, Koppa in Chimanimani were wiped away while Risutu is now almost a ghost town and the people there still have faith that their towns and growth points will be re-constructed.

I would like to thank all those people who include individuals, companies and churches who donated some goods towards the victims of the cyclone. God will bless the hand that give than the one which take. 

The donations will bring hope on the affected people as they will know that they are not alone during this period of need. 

Eddious Masundire Shumba, 

Ngangu Extension, Chimanimani.

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