PSL calls for better treatment of referees

16 Apr, 2024 - 14:04 0 Views
PSL calls for better treatment of referees Kennedy Ndebele

The Sunday News

Lovemore Dube

THE Premier Soccer League has called for better treatment of match officials. This follows an upsurge of incidents where coaches, players and club officials have mobbed referees during and after matches.

In a memorandum sent to clubs yesterday, the Premier Soccer League: “This serves to remind clubs of the importance of maintaining respectful behaviour towards match officials and the need to prevent any form of aggression or mobbing directed at them.

“Recent incidents involving coaches and players attacking or mobbing match officials, while also inciting spectators, have raised significant concerns.”

In a memo signed by PSL chief executive Kennedy Ndebele, the League said the behaviour undermines integrity of the sport and poses safety risks for everyone involved which includes players, officials and spectators.

He called on match officials to be treated with respect.

Clubs were challenged to send their protests in writing to authorities so that they could get attended to in a fair and structured manner.

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