Lady Tshawe revels in SA theatre bow

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Lady Tshawe revels in SA theatre bow Lady Tshawe

The Sunday News

Bruce Ndlovu, Sunday Life Reporter 

MULTI-talented performer Lady Tshawe said she will be bringing back a few valuable lessons for Zimbabwean thespians when she returns home after a successful run at the South African State Theatre in Pretoria, where she starred in The Dr Hokaspokas Show. 

Written by fellow Zimbabwean Christopher Mlalazi and directed by South African actor and author Bafana Dladla, the production ran at the state theatre from Wednesday and ends its run today. 

Lady Tshawe has become one of the most versatile performers in Bulawayo over the past few years, proving to be equally adept on stage or the small screen, while also continuing to win over audiences with her acclaimed poetry. 

Lady Tshawe

This past week, she took her talents to South Africa, where featured in a play about a fictional character, Dr Hokaspokas, the host of a reality television show The Dr Hokaspokas Show. In the production, Tshawe portrays Queen Aishan, who serves as a foil for King Panda.   

According to the production’s synopsis, as King Panda, losing his sense of humour, he puts the couple in a difficult situation, endangering their marriage. In an interview, Lady Tshawe said that preparations for the production had been nerve-wracking, as not only was she the only woman on the cast, but also the only non-South African. 

“We started off with online readings of the script- enabling us to get familiar with not only the script but each other as a cast. Thereafter we had a two-week rehearsal at the Civic Theatre in Witbank. This was both fun and nerve-wracking. You find yourself as not only the only female in the cast but the only foreigner in the midst of amazing South African actors,” she said. 

Lady Tshawe

Lady Tshawe said being able to interact with some veteran South African actors had also been an eye-opening experience for her. 

“This has been such an amazing and humbling experience. I have enjoyed interacting with different creatives, challenging myself to explore different ways of creating, sharpening my skills. Meeting with established veteran actors has also been a highlight of my experience here.”

Lady Tshawe said she had learnt a few lessons from her South African sojourn that she wanted to share with fellow thespians back home on her return. 

“It’s so great to see theatre alive and thriving. Seeing spaces and personnel dedicated to thespians. Some of the lessons learnt here I wish to share with my colleagues at home so we grow our theatre sector,” she said.

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