93,4 percent Zimbabweans are employed: Zimstat

by Sunday News Online | Sunday, May 27, 2018 | 4732 views


AT least only 6,6 percent of the economically active Zimbabwean population of 5,6 million people is unemployed with the majority of those that are working found in the agriculture sector, a new survey by the Zimbabwe Statistics Agency (Zimstat) reveals.

According to the 2017 Inter-Censal Demographic Survey (ICDS), launched last week, with technical and financial assistance from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), United Nations Children’s Education Fund (UNICEF) and the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), 93, 4 percent of the population is employed in one way or the other.

The ICDS is carried out once every five years and showed that the country has a total population of 13 572 560.

In terms of the breakdown, 52 percent, amounting to 2,9 million, work in the agriculture sector while 14,8 percent are self-employed in different sectors of the economy while the rest are employed elsewhere.

“According to the ICDS 2017, the population age 15 years and above for Zimbabwe is 8 072 178 and 60 percent of this population is economically active,” said Zimstat.

“Out of the economically active population, seven percent are unemployed while 93 percent are employed.”

Those who are not working, about 2,46 million, were classified as mostly students, “home makers” who are stay at home mothers, as well as the elderly, retired and sick.

The data also revealed that three percent of children, who are under the age of 15, were working, which is against international labour conventions.

“The largest proportion of working children are involved in agriculture followed by unpaid family work,” read the report.

“About two percent of children aged 10-14 years are looking for work.”

Many Non-Governmental Organisations and some opposition political parties are likely to dismiss the survey as they prefer to put unemployment in Zimbabwe at more than 90 percent. — NewZiana

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    THE OTHER way round!

    • Svosve

      One way or the other employed? Depends on definition of employment maybe but this is certainly bullshit to me. 93 percent are unemployed would be more close to the truth

  • Gen Gowon

    This is cruel political deception of magnitude proportions.The fact that most firms closed down is due to the fact that the agricultural sector collapsed during Mugabe Era.Two days ago, the statistics indicated that 97% of the population is uninsured,this points towards to the unavailability of regular income from the population due to massive unemployment.The country is facing acute foreign currency shortages due to a dysfunctional economy and this stems from the paralysis of the agricultural sector that is projected in these stats as the largest employer in the country.This Stats office needs to be disbanded and its personnel subjected to disciplinary proceedings.With this kind of disinformation, policy makers can’t come up with constructive policy decisions which can push a sound developmental agenda.

  • succuba

    So does this mean that 93.4% of Zimbabweans pay tax?

  • freddi

    The tomatoe seller on the corner is working in agriculture and is employed, “earns $4 per day” but is not unemployed.

  • jonso

    This report needs delieverance.

  • Khuya

    RUBBISH! Selling airtime recharge cards and making $2 a day certainly can not be classified as gainful employment! Only those earning a “living wage” should be termed employed


    I wonder what weed these guys from Zimstats are smoking. Whatever it is, it surely has a very dangerous effect on them hence such wild and unrealistic claims. Dis they really publish these stupid figures with a clear conscience? So much planning depends on Zimstats, but if these guys turn out to be such clowns and jokers, surely where then are we supposed to get data for effective planning?? Lord have mercy!!!!

  • Mafia Style

    Mbanje dziye dzakushanda manje.